Russian Comments On The Storming Of The US Capitol

    By SlavaTsukerman: Though until January 14, none of the official representatives of the Russian government commented on the Capitol attack, the actions of American Internet platforms to block the pages of Donald Trump and the second impeachment of him, nevertheless the state controlled media and politicians, close to government, were united in their […]

REF: The fall of the Roman Republic, deja vu?

    It started with the Gracchi brothers  in 133 BC who disregarded the governmental norms of the day that called for Roman senators and representatives to treat each other with decorum, courtesy, and respect .  What incrementally progressed over the next century was a trashing of civility, starting with insults, then mob action, assaults, assassinations and ultimately civil […]

Here LNP goes again

A recent article properly extolled the Steinman Family Foundation for contributions to the School District of Lancaster towards adjusting to remote schooling. Two things were not mentioned: The family, unlike the foundation established by earlier family generations, has deprived the SD of L of at least $300,000 a year in  real estate taxes on the […]

′′The Belarusian prison I’ve been taken to four times before is now a concentration camp.”

NewsLanc is withholding the name of the sender and his correspondent who is excerpted below for their protection. We believe this is from highly reliable sources. · “The prison I’ve been taken to four times before is now a concentration camp. 70 blue-purple people are being kept locked up in a 5 szövetségese meter open-top […]