REF comments on last nights CNN Democrat debate

Below are two excerpts from an article in today’s NYT Times: “Discussing criminal justice reform with Senator Cory Booker, who has been sharply critical of Mr. Biden’s record on that matter, he jokingly skipped ahead, calling him the president and stopping himself as he lightheartedly grabbed Mr. Booker’s arm— ‘excuse me, the future president’”” Do […]

“Camp MFE” Benefit Concert

July 31, 2019 at 7:00 pm First Reformed Church 40 E. Orange St. Lancaster, PA 17602 Join Music For Everyone and the staff of Camp MFE on July 31 for a night of amazing music. This fun concert benefits MFE’s summer camps, helping our organization to provide scholarships, ensuring that all who attend do so […]

Entertainment Scandal in Russia

By Slava Tsukerman Last week Russia experienced one of the largest media scandals in Russian history. No economic or political news in several years triggered such emotional reaction from both media and general public. Surprisingly, the scandal was triggered not by political news, but by the results of children singing competition on TV. Yet unexpectedly […]

How a last minute obscure insertion into the 2016 omnibus tax bill gave Penn Square Partners a $3.4M gift

Through Pennsylvania’s Right to Know law, NewsLanc has obtained correspondence among the City, Penn Square Partners, High Realty, government authorities, and pertinent others pertaining to Penn Square Partner’s CRIZ application for the proposed Marriott Tower addition. 1998:  “Penn Square Partners, headed by the High Real Estate Group, announced this morning that it has signed papers to acquire […]

Steinman Family media do not currently fund The Steinman Foundation as claimed by LNP

A recent article “Steinman Foundation: Nonprofit’s co-chair steps down” concerning the retirement of R “Peggy” Steinman as co-chair states the following: “The Steinman Foundation is a local, independent family foundation funded by the companies that make up Steinman Communications; those companies include LNP Media Group, which publishes LNP, The Caucus Lancaster Farming, The Ephrata Review; The […]