“We don’t get to choose…”

From the cover of Oberlin College’s Spring/Summer 2020 Alumnae Magazine, written in white on black background:   “We don’t get to choose when we were born. We don’t choose what natural disasters, epidemiological emergencies, stock market crashes, tyrannical regimes, or wars our generations face.  We only get to choose how we react.”     Oberlin Professor Wendy […]

Russian Media On USA

by Slava Tsukerman Anti-American propaganda remains one of the most noticeable subjects in Russian media. The picture above is published by the Russian website usapress.net, which claims that it was created especially with the purpose to provide Russians with translations of authentic materials about USA, taken from American media. It  illustrates “Two centuries of wars: the American […]

Fixing the Federal Criminal Justice System: The Establishment Weighs In

by psmith, May 29, 2020, DRUG WAR CHRONICLE:  In a just issued report on reforming the federal criminal justice system, a blue-ribbon task force of the nonpartisan Council on Criminal Justice calls for sweeping changes in the system from its approach to drug offenses to significant sentencing changes, support for getting ex-inmates successfully reintegrated into […]

Coronavirus In Russia

By Slava Tsukerman The global pandemic of the coronavirus (COVID-19) reached Russia on January 31, 2020, when two Chinese nationals tested positive shortly after returning from China. To prevent the outbreak, Russia immediately closed the border with China, which resulted in no new cases reported until March 2020, after the disease began to spread in Europe. Starting with […]

Fear of Russians About Putin’s Potential Leave From Presidency

By Slava Tsukerman Lately several important events triggered a lot of discussions in the Russian media. In January, Russian president Vladimir Putin made a proposal for making many different changes in Russian constitution. Many commentators regarded some of the changes as directed to making the president’s power absolute, putting all the branches of Russian government […]

Breaking News Concerning Jonathan Luna Murder Case

Prominent Baltimore defense attorney Kenneth Ravenell, once a self-described ‘good friend’ and ‘mentor’ of murdered federal prosecutor Jonathan Luna, has been indicted for alleged collusion with a drug kingpin. Ravenell served as defense counsel on two of prosecutor Luna’s most mysterious cases, including Luna’s last case. By Bill Keisling, yardbirdbooks.com/ Stunning developments unfolding in Maryland […]

“Demographic Gap”

An article appearing in today’s New York Time entitled “End of Babies” describes the world wide drop in birth rates. With simply a rudimentary understanding of  the “demographic gap”, which is what the authors are describing , they would know that children in an agrarian society were profitable as workers and essential for securing support in […]

NewsLanc research re Lancaster General Hospital was cutting edge

To:  Doug McVay  (Editor of Drug War Facts and the forthcoming Health Systems Facts) From:  Robert Field  (Publisher of the above)   Re:  Review of Priced Out, written by Uwe Reinhardt and reviewed by Adam Gaffney  The above is a great article and very illuminating.  I have ordered the book. Interestingly, NewsLanc criticized Lancaster General […]

Who Are The Victims Of Perestroika?

By Slava Tsukerman On October 4, 2019, Boris Chernyshov, deputy chairman of the State Duma’s Education and Science Committee, proposed introducing the new preferential category of citizens in Russia – “Victims of perestroika”. He addressed his initiative to the Minister of Labor Maxim Topilin. Chernyshov said the victims who suffered most during the reforms of […]