REF speaks re arming teachers

Newslanc supports allowing specially trained school teachers to have access to guns, body armor and face shields in a secure classroom closet. Only trained volunteers would have access to the closets. I recall from our visits to Israel several decades ago that every adult from army age forward was required to keep a firearm in […]

Russian Attitude to Ukrainians

By Slava Tsukerman The Internet is full of documents proving the violent attitude of the Russian military and even some Russian civilians toward Ukrainians. One especially outrageous document, which went viral on the Russian Internet, was a recording of a telephone conversation between a Russian soldier, who was fighting in Ukraine with his wife located […]

Is Russian Attitude To Possibility Of War With Ukraine Changing?

By Slava Tsukerman There is a new trend in Russia: the known hawkish hard-line official personalities are unexpectedly openly turning against Putin’s politics. A recent sensation was on February 6: there was an open letter to President Vladimir Putin from Colonel-General Leonid Ivashov, which went viral. Ivashov is one of the most hardline politically active […]

Learning from just waiting

by Robert Field Perhaps the most important business lesson of my life came when I was thirteen years old. During the summer, my father assigned me to work at his satellite furniture store on Kensington Avenue in Philadelphia, which was about thirty feet horizontally and fifty feet vertically from the Frankfort Elevator, at that location […]

On the Evolution of African-Americans

    By Robert Field Post-Darwinism insinuations that African-Americans were inherently inferior to Caucasians were clearly refuted by the brilliance and careers of such luminaries as Frederick Douglas, Booker T. Washington, W.E.B. Du Bois, later Paul Robeson and thousands of others that were referred to as the “Ten Percent.” Nevertheless over my long life (84 […]

Militaristic Mood in Russia

by Slava Tsukerman Lately, Russian state propaganda seems to actively heat up the militaristic frame of mind in Russian population. On December 21, New York Times published an article “How the Kremlin Is Militarizing Russia”. Since then the militaristic mood of the Russian media has grown. On December 21, the blogger Igor Yakovenko summarized the […]

Drug treatment specialist reports on unsupervised drug treatment during COVID outbreak

by Andrew Byrne, MD of suburban Sydney, Australia 1. Changes to opiate treatment programs during Covid – benefits for some, harms for others. 2. Buprenorphine alone or with naloxone: Which is safer? (Kelty et al.) 3. Harm reduction and diazepam prescribing in opiate programs. 4. Microdose transfers from methadone to buprenorphine – the ‘Bernese’ method […]