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Two views re Marriott mildew incidents

In response to a message from an informed source: “I suggest you all be careful before jumping to conclusions after watching the news segment on WGAL. They did a very poor job in reporting the facts accurately.” Another knowledgeable person writes: If that is the case THEN the spokesperson for the CC and the spokesperson for the Hotel should DEMAND an interview so the public knows what is going on. The word TRANSPARANCY is front row again…

Is Wheatland adding a banquet hall?

There is a possible change to the landscape of North President Avenue which I do not believe has yet attracted the attention of NewsLanc of the Lancaster Newspapers organization. Lancaster History.org (Formerly the Lancaster County Historical Society and Wheatland) have proposed a 10,000 square foot addition to the rear of the Historical Society building at […]

Health care in transition

[In response to “Special health care report to NewsLanc from D.C. Correspondent,” and “The road to Socialism”] This is one of those many issues in our history that initially looks impossible but than becomes inevitable when the pressure mounts. Health care MUST be dealt with, not only because 20,000 die each year due to lack […]

The road to Socialism

[In response to “Special health care report to NewsLanc from D.C. Correspondent”] I love how these socialists in DC support a single payer, government run health system, using the argument that only the government can effectively run such a business. I suppose it also makes sense to have the government to take over the housing […]

Dale High did it!

In early 2005, S. Dale High personally demanded that the “private” hotel receive some form of tax abatement, and literally threw a temper tantrum when he didn’t get his own way.  The “solution” arranged by Charlie Smithgall, Gib Armstrong, and Mike Sturla was for Lancaster City to build and own the hotel building, guaranteeing its […]

LNP should apologize; Totaro be disbarred

[In response to “LETTER: New Era editorial arrogant; injustices need correction“] I believe some large scale public appology, restitution, and acknowledgement of their efforts on behalf of the local citizenry should be made to both Dick Shellenberger and Molly Henderson. The Lancaster Newspapers, along with Donald Totaro (now a county judge no less), perpetrated a […]

Accuses YWCA of “gender racism”

The YWCA states their credo “Empowering Woman” identifies themselves as promoting diversity, yet has no problem identifying themselves as “feminists”.  How is that not bias? My experience is they are a major force against fathers in the community with all their gender biased programs “funded by taxpayers”. They are given an award for promoting diversity, [yet] they […]

Manheim Township Crime Alert

Manheim Township Crime Alert – June 17, 2009 Vehicle Break-Ins: Many local jurisdictions are experiencing an increase in thefts from vehicle. These thefts are occurring anyplace you would find parked vehicles. In Manheim Township, these thefts have occurred in parking lots, along residential streets, and even in driveways. When you park your car, please remember […]