REF: Is Scott Martin a gutless candidate for governor?

by Robert E. Field

LNP, Dec. 11, 2021: “State Sen. Scott Martin is officially entering Pennsylvania’s 2022 race for governor Saturday, launching a campaign he hopes will rise above a crowded and well-funded Republican field by leaning on his relatability as a parent and small business owner and on his solid conservative legislative record…

“Another pivotal endorsement, of course, could be that of former President Donald Trump. Several candidates have angled for Trump’s endorsement and have toed the line between supporting Trump’s brand of populism — including his lies about rampant election fraud in Pennsylvania in 2020 — and focusing on traditional conservative policies.

“But Martin said he hasn’t asked Trump for his endorsement, and doesn’t have any plans to yet.”

Shortly after the 2020 election and then president Donald Trump’s outlandish assertion that he had won, I reached out to Scott Martin through Amber Green, his wife, and urged that Scott acknowledge that Joe Biden had won the election. I thought that would be an important public service and in the long run helpful for his career. I received no response.

My advice on political matters was sought, accepted and acknowledged by Dick Thornburg when he ran for Pennsylvania governor in 1978 and by Arlen Specter when he ran for Senator in 1980. My offer of campaign assistance was not accepted by a more recent and failed Democrat candidate for the U. S. Senate nomination.

Let’s see what happens to Scott for his nuzzling up to the former president and accused insurrectionist.