REF: There is no precedent

Although those of us who follow current events from reliable sources knew better, I have empathy for the January 6 rioters who were not as well informed and heeded the call of the then president to disrupt certification of what they were told were false election results. When I grew up, it was a matter […]

Influence of Navalny on Russian Public

    By Slava Tsukerman On April 26, 2021, state prosecutors in Moscow ordered all groups supporting Alexei Navalnyto immediately stop their activities. It seemed the government is starting a campaign aimed at eliminating all forms of protest movements in Russia. According to Wikipedia, “Alexei Navalny (age 44 years) is a Russian opposition leader, lawyer, and anti-corruption […]

Russian Comments On The Storming Of The US Capitol

    By SlavaTsukerman: Though until January 14, none of the official representatives of the Russian government commented on the Capitol attack, the actions of American Internet platforms to block the pages of Donald Trump and the second impeachment of him, nevertheless the state controlled media and politicians, close to government, were united in their […]

REF: The fall of the Roman Republic, deja vu?

    It started with the Gracchi brothers  in 133 BC who disregarded the governmental norms of the day that called for Roman senators and representatives to treat each other with decorum, courtesy, and respect .  What incrementally progressed over the next century was a trashing of civility, starting with insults, then mob action, assaults, assassinations and ultimately civil […]