“Denazification” Russian Way

By Slava Tsukerman According to the Russian state propaganda, among the main purposes of the Russian war with Ukraine are denazification and demilitarization of the country. Russian propaganda considers Ukrainians who think that they are different from Russians – having their own language, nationality and are deserving a state of their own – enemies and […]

Just a Zip Code?

By Robert Field, Publisher The following article appeared in the Washington Post concerning the recent sale of the Scranton Times-Herald. “Could the local news crisis get any worse? Look at Scranton.” We had a similar LNP situation here in Lancaster but, thanks to the Steinman family that also had owned our newspaper for over a […]

Why Russians Support the War with Ukraine

By Slava Tsukerman The Public Sociology Laboratory, an independent research group of scholars and activists in St. Petersburg, stated in its report: “Since the beginning of Russia’s so-called “special operation” in Ukraine, polling companies, both Kremlin-loyal and independent, have shown impressive numbers of Russians’ support for military action. But the polls only partly help us understand […]

Opioid Settlement Funding, spend it on needed health services, not law enforcement

Dear Commissioners Parsons, Trescot, and D’Agostino, I am writing to express my concern regarding the allocation of Lancaster’s Opioid Settlement Funds. As you may be aware, there have been recent proposals to spend a significant portion of the 2022 funds on law enforcement staffing. Please consider allocating 100% of the remaining $275,000 towards treatment, recovery, […]

How The War Changed Ukrainians

By Slava Tsukerman (Note: This article was originally written in Russian then translated using Google Translate.) On February 21, 2023, Ukrainian sociological organization “Rating Group”, one of the largest non-governmental and independent research institutions in Ukraine, published the document untitled “HOW THE WAR CHANGED ME AND MY COUNTRY. SUMMARY OF THE YEAR”. The document shows […]

Virginia Adult Retail Marijuana Sales Quashed By House GOP

Drug War Chronicle By Phil Smith Elections have consequences, as Virginia voters are finding out. Two years ago, a Democratically-controlled Senate and House passed legislation legalizing marijuana, and the Democratic governor signed it into law. That law mandated that legal adult use sales commence by January 1, 2004, and left it to state lawmakers to […]

Asset Forfeiture Reform at the Statehouse 2023

Drug War Chronicle By Phil Smith Civil asset forfeiture — the police seizing cash or property from people without first obtaining a criminal conviction — rankles Americans’ sense of fundamental fairness, and legislators around the country have been picking up on that. According to the Institute for Justice, 37 states have reformed their civil forfeiture […]