Mission Statement

Unlike commercial media which must strive for circulation and viewers and do not want to offend advertisers, NewsLanc.com does not hesitate to praise and to criticize. No individual or institution is exempt.

Our purpose is to protect the public from the foolish, the provincial, the greedy, and the predatory.

NewsLanc was launched for the purpose of countering failures on the part of local print media to report thoroughly and truthfully on local controversies. Because the Lancaster Newspapers, Inc. has regained its business and journalistic integrity, NewsLanc now devotes greater attention to state, national and world wide events through links to articles from a variety of sources.

Furthermore, we have provided a means by which citizens can report or express their views in anonymity to protect their livelihood and social status in the relatively provincial Lancaster community.

If you don’t occasionally get angry at what we write, we are not doing our job. And if you stop visiting because an article made you angry, then you do not appreciate what NewsLanc is about.

Instead, write us a letter for anonymous publication and take us to task! NewsLanc is meant to be a forum, not just a blog.

Robert Edwin Field, Editor / Publisher