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Essential information for “when the doctor is out”

On midday Saturday, a Lancastrian suddenly experienced extreme fatigue and a significant fever. He attributed it to the return from a demanding trip but did feel it important to see a doctor. He sought care but did not feel it merited going to the emergency room at a hospital and running up a big bill for his insurer. Calls to his doctor at the large medical practice during non-office hours provided nothing but lack of competence and a two hour run around that was accomplishing nothing.

VIDEO: Molloy’s speech from Convention Center ribbon cutting

At the Thursday, June 18 ribbon cutting ceremony for the Lancaster County Convention Center, LCCC Authority Executive Director Kevin Molloy gave a speech to commemorate the opening. Molloy invoked the history of the site, which was once a commercial center for Lancaster City and County, but has sat unused for the last decade. The following video showcases a sample of that speech, along with a first look at the Center’s interior design.

Urban League introduces new CEO

At the Urban League’s 2009 “Champions of Diversity Awards” (in partnership with the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce and Industry) the League announced the entrance of its new CEO, Josh Dixon. Dixon describes himself as a Lancaster City native through and through—a graduate of both McCaskey and Franklin and Marshall College. His interest in this position at the Urban League was born purely out his commitment to the values of the organization.

COMMENTARY: Where the rubber hits the road

With the official opening of the Lancaster County Convention Center this week, the general tone in Lancaster seems to be one of cautious optimism. After all, it has taken a long time to finish this project, and now, whether one likes it or not, the Center is here to stay. The strongest critics of the project—NewsLanc included—have always based their position on a sincere concern for the well-being of Lancaster City and County; and now that the ribbon is cut, these voices can only hope for results better than predicted.