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Just a Zip Code?

By Robert Field, Publisher The following article appeared in the Washington Post concerning the recent sale of the Scranton Times-Herald. “Could the local news crisis get any worse? Look at Scranton.” We had a similar LNP situation here in Lancaster but, thanks to the Steinman family that also had owned our newspaper for over a […]

The questionable future of Lancaster’s suburban garden apartment complexes

Over the past couple of decades thousands of other condominium units have been built in the Lancaster region for specific segments of the housing market: Senior Communities, Student housing, Senior housing, Assisted Living, recently downtown condominiums, plus newly built conventional rental apartments that are more spacious, a better appointed, often have garages, and are marketed to prospects with incomes in the top 10% nationally.

Lancaster does not lack for adequate housing now or in the future, just leadership at all levels PART TWO

1) There must be at least 250 and likely as many as 400 relatively attractive garden apartments units vacant in the greater Lancaster area at all times. If the federal government funded and state administered Section 8 rental program allowed the tenant to supplement the government grant so that rental payments were closer to market rates, landlords would be motivated to quickly make vacant apartments available to hundreds of deserving families.

The proper ways to commemorate Memorial Day

But all too often, and especially recently, they have been sent to their deaths for foolish wars urged by ignorant leaders (read that ‘damn fools’), those who see every foreign problem as a nail and the blood of youth as a hammer, and at the urging and conniving of the military / industrial complex as we were warned against by President Dwight D. Eisenhower

ISIS Fighters Seize Government Headquarters in Ramadi, Iraq

NEW YORK TIMES: In a major setback for the Iraqi government’s efforts to defend its hold on Ramadi, a crucial regional capital, Islamic State militants conquered the city’s government sector on Friday, raising their black flag over the main compound before setting fire to the building, local officials said. The new jihadist assault began under […]