REF comments on last nights CNN Democrat debate

Below are two excerpts from an article in today’s NYT Times:

“Discussing criminal justice reform with Senator Cory Booker, who has been sharply critical of Mr. Biden’s record on that matter, he jokingly skipped ahead, calling him the president and stopping himself as he lightheartedly grabbed Mr. Booker’s arm— ‘excuse me, the future president’””

Do we sense a Biden / Booker ticket in the making?  It would be very strong.

“And his first debate performance was so rocky, and so alarmed even close allies and advisers, that he did not have a high bar to clear Wednesday night.”

If  former Vice President Joe Biden did so poorly in his first debate, how come his lead in the polls stood steady or even increased?    Perhaps the viewers saw a gracious leader who did not want to wound his fellow Democrats.  That was my impression.  He sought to show himself above the fray.

But in a rare moment yesterday evening, after first warning her as they took the stay to “Go easy on me –  kid”, he fired back at Senator Kamala Harris with devastating effect concerning her record as California Attorney General on her failure to address Los Angeles and San Francisco school segregation and her pursuit of the death penalty.

Incidentally, talk about “malarky”, claiming that Medicare for All (which we do not think can be brought about) would cost much more money is nonsense.  Yes, taxes would be higher but savings from not having to pay for private health insurance directly or through lower wages and elimination of the huge deductibles and co-pays would way more than make up for the higher taxes.


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  1. I’m glad somebody I know is paying close attention.

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