Is Wheatland adding a banquet hall?

There is a possible change to the landscape of North President Avenue which I do not believe has yet attracted the attention of NewsLanc of the Lancaster Newspapers organization.

Lancaster (Formerly the Lancaster County Historical Society and Wheatland) have proposed a 10,000 square foot addition to the rear of the Historical Society building at the corner of N. President and Marietta Avenues. As part of this reallocation of the property, most parking will be moved to a new lot adjacent it N. President Ave…

This should be an important issue to others because other than a vague comment made at the June 23 Lancaster Township Zoning Board hearing that the new facility would be used to accommodate activities that already take place on the property, no details of the building were disclosed. Despite the detailed drawings of the grounds and the offering of statistics on visitors to the two facilities, no drawings of the interior of the building were presented.

My suspicion is that it will be a banquet hall designed to accommodate wedding receptions and the like.

Why do I feel this way? We were told there would be no expansion of the staff. How do you build and use a 10,000 sq ft building and not increase staff? If my suspicions are correct, traffic (and everything that comes with it) will surely increase in the area.

The Zoning Hearing Board is expected to render their verdict at the July 28 meeting.