Peace between Russia and Ukraine

Sep 22, 2022. – E-mail to friends

Based on current conditions, the following is a deal I propose between Russia and Ukraine that would allow both to retain their dignity:

1).  A hundred year lease to Russia for Crimea.

2). Russia having the right of passage by a designated land and rail route to Crimea.

3). Return of the balance of the original borders to Ukraine with the stipulation that Russian language and accurate history would be  optional courses at the secondary levels.  Signage and government documents in Southern Ukraine would be bi-lingual.

4). Ukraine agrees not to join NATO for fifty years.

5). Ukraine is permitted to become part of the EU if Ukraine and the EU so desire.

6). NATO agrees not to accept Ukraine as a member for at least fifty years but commits to assisting Ukraine in case of a foreign invasion.

Robert Field

Updated: October 12, 2022 — 9:30 am