REF speaks re arming teachers

Newslanc supports allowing specially trained school teachers to have access to guns, body armor and face shields in a secure classroom closet. Only trained volunteers would have access to the closets.

I recall from our visits to Israel several decades ago that every adult from army age forward was required to keep a firearm in his (and I presume) her vehicle. Guns were perceived as necessary to protect Israelis from attacks.

According to a Wikipedia listing of homicides per 100,000 in Israel, Canada and the United States:

ISRAEL: 0.68 homicides per 100,000. (2015)

CANADA: 0.52 homicides per 100,000. (2018)

USA: 4.46 homicides per 100,000. (2017)

Given our country’s unwillingness to ban firearms, I see training and arming willing school personnel to have access to nearby weapons as a useful deterrent and even a precautionary step to safeguarding the school children and staff.