REF speaks:  Is the “Atlantic” the “Fox News” of the left?


By Robert Field, Publisher


Some weeks ago I discontinued my subscription to the “Atlantic”.

This morning I heard Jeffrey Goldberg, its Editor in Chief, two times refer to Trump supports as “rabble”.

I hardly consider almost half of the nation as “rabble”, defined at Google “as ordinary people, often regarded as socially inferior or uncouth.”  

In my mind Trump supporters may be misinformed and closed minded, but they are our friends, relatives, co-workers and often our colleagues in other endeavors.

Let’s educate and persuade, exactly what the January 6th Committee is doing.  Effete smugness doesn’t change minds although it may boost circiuation and profits.


Updated: July 12, 2022 — 9:35 am

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  1. I was in the habit of reading an article or two a month from the Atlantic online. After we got a “paid” subscription I discovered that a lot of the stuff was pablum. My conclusion; a $10 a month Apple News Plus sub gets you the best of the Atlantic, and a lot more.

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