Just a Zip Code?

By Robert Field, Publisher

The following article appeared in the Washington Post concerning the recent sale of the Scranton Times-Herald.

“Could the local news crisis get any worse? Look at Scranton.”

We had a similar LNP situation here in Lancaster but, thanks to the Steinman family that also had owned our newspaper for over a hundred years, an arrangment was made for it to be merged with WITF, the provider of the regional public radio and TV stations.

As far as I can see, neither LNP coverage nor its voice have changed. I read it every morning in print when in town and via the Internet when away. (I also read the New York Times.)

I have tried to encourage WITF to seek long term support from wealthy Lancaster families. I immediately pledged an annual amount for five years.

Perhaps WITF could set a small news bureau in Reading for Internet purpose.

Without a vibrant newspaper, there is no community… Just a zip code.