Steinmans Donate LNP to WITF Foundation

Robert Field, Publisher of NewsLanc, wearing an LNP ballcap.

By Robert Field, Publisher

Few things have brought me as much joy recently than the announcement that the Steinman family is donating LNP to the WITF Public Foundation. I was also pleased when the Steinmans exited their half ownership of the Marriott Hotel, thus freeing itself from the sordid recent past.

Newspapers throughout the country, whether they are in major cities or areas such as Lancaster, York, Reading, and Harrisburg, are selling out to conglomerates who maintain a handful of local staff and otherwise have a general edition with local news plugged in.

Restored under Robert ‘Bob’ Krasne with the help of others, and now even better than in its more than a century past, LNP is the heart of our community, a source that keeps us informed of what our neighbors are doing as well as town, city, county, state, national and international news.

Even though I start the day by reading on-line the New York Times, there is little important information that I glean from its pages that is not available again when I read the LNP newspaper over breakfast. And often there are articles from LNP and other sources of greater interest to me than what was available at the Times.

NewsLanc salutes the Steinman Family, Krasne, and the highly competent staff at LNP. So long as affluent Lancastrians will fund WITF Foundation to preserve LNP reporting at its present high level, the better off will be our community.

The Field family will do our share.

Updated: June 9, 2023 — 6:02 pm