Yes, Zimmerman was overcharged.

Re: “Why was Zimmerman overchargaed?”

Yes, Zimmerman was overcharged.

The Sanford FL police chief was fired, the lead detective was demoted, a special prosecutor was appointed by the governor and the prosecutions Information Technology director was fired for telling us that the prosecution was withholding possibly exculpatory evidence from the defense.

The media had Zimmerman tried and convicted a year ago. The media went so far as to edit Zimmerman’s 911 call causing the entire context of the call to change, and they still won’t identify Zimmerman as Hispanic which he is. To fit their narrative he must be called a white Hispanic. Zimmerman should never have been charged.

The jury saw it like the first investigators saw it.

I don’t know if Zimmerman is a jerk. I never met him. And anyone had their civil rights violated it was Zimmerman, the police chief, the lead detective and the IT director.

Hopefully the voters of Florida will remember this come election time.