LETTER: Lancaster General manipulates health care

How many people in Lancaster realize that their health care options are being manipulated by Lancaster General?

A few years ago the hospital embarked on a campaign to buy up all medical practices with the aim of having all local physicians as their employees. Those who wished to remain independent have suffered the consequences of dwindling practices and worse.

When someone is diagnosed with a serious medical condition through tests taken at Lancaster General, they are immediately routed to one of the hospital’s physicians. A person who has no particular knowledge of the options available, and naturally being worried about their condition, is usually only too happy to have such decisions taken out of their hands.

My doctor,——-, who in my opinion is the best oncologist & hematologist there is, is one such doctor. Any oncology nurse I have come in contact with at the hospital has shared with me that should they or a family member be stricken with cancer, he is the only doctor they would use. That is no longer possible as Lancaster General has changed their employee health insurance so that they are only covered when using hospital-employed doctors. Needless to say the general public is never informed of him or any other independent physician as an option.

The latest blow came when he was informed he could no longer send patients to the new Barshinger Cancer Center at the health campus, because there was not enough room – a blatant lie as the facility is half empty. Other independent physicians received similar sanctions.

I wonder if Mrs. Barshinger is aware that her legacy is being manipulated to further the agenda of Lancaster General’s CEO. A facility which provides beautiful surroundings and the latest in medical equipment is only as good as the physicians permitted to practice there.