General Hospital shamefully negligent in preventing spread of disease especially during flu epidemic

By Robert Field   The article “Is General Hospital lax in preventing spread of disease? ” appeared on June 4, 2017.  Yesterday I once again visited Lancaster General Hospital  for a blood test. The prior article started:  “When visiting hospitals in Philadelphia and New York, we encountered hand sanitizing gel dispensers almost everywhere and make use […]

Letter to the editor says City being defrauded of $4.7 million

Are you aware of this situation? MAW is a fraud and the city is out $4.7 million!!! LNP will not report on it becuase somehow they are also connected (received money from MAW): They’re all here together in this video:

REF Speaks: Turning Around Downtown Lancaster

A reader recently forwarded “Turning Around Downtown; Twelve Steps to Revitalization”  by Christopoher B. Leinberger. This is indeed a very informative article, albeit a dozen years old.  If it were to be written today, I think there would be some modifications but the overall thrust would remain. One thing that is not taken into consideration is […]

Jeff Sessions Expected to Rescind Obama-Era “Cole Memo” That Allowed States to Implement Marijuana Laws Without Federal Interference

  DPA Statement: This is Bad News For Civil and Human Rights – and Bad Politics for Team Trump   DRUG POLICY ALLIANCE:  The AP reported this morning that US Attorney General Jeff Sessions plans today to rescind Obama-era guidance by the Department of Justice allowing states to implement their own marijuana laws with limited federal […]

Tsukerman: What crime did the Siberian Boy from Novy Urengoi commit?

By Slava Tsukerman A heated, somewhat scandalous debate has been going on for several weeks in Russian media. Almost all well known politicians, members of the Russian parliament, and even president Putin himself are participating in the debate. The subject is a two-and-a-half minute speech of a 16-year-old boy from a small city of Novy […]

How Bigoted Pennsylvania Drug Warriors Turned This New York Man’s Life into a Living Hell 

by psmith   DRUG WAR CHRONICLE:  In June, 2014, Wilfredo Ramos was driving back to his Brooklyn home after visiting his mother in Lancaster, Pennsylvania when two Pennsylvania State Police troopers detoured him into a Kafkaesque nightmare from which he emerged only five months later. The traffic stop from hell happened to Wilfredo Ramos — […]

Some seek to cast suspicion on Jews for “ritual killing” the last Russian Tsar

by Slava Tsukerman On November 27 a conference dedicated to “new expertise and evidence” on the last Russian tsar’s Nicholas II murder took place in the Sretensky Monastery in Moscow. Patriarch Kirill led a delegation from the Russian Orthodox Church at the conference. At the conference Bishop Tikhon Shevkunov, widely seen as Putin’s personal confessor, […] © 2016