Health care in transition

[In response to “Special health care report to NewsLanc from D.C. Correspondent,” and “The road to Socialism”]

This is one of those many issues in our history that initially looks impossible but than becomes inevitable when the pressure mounts. Health care MUST be dealt with, not only because 20,000 die each year due to lack of health care access and most bankruptcies are caused by health problems even though people are insured, but also because the government at the national and state level cannot afford to let things continue. Health care guarantees deficits and debt for as far as the eye can see. Single payer is the only way to successfully address the issue. The politics will change—and that is our job, to change it—make the impossible the inevitable.

It is a transition that happens all the time. Just ask women who are voting, blacks who can drink at any water fountain and gays who are not marrying. All impossible, all inevitable. Difficult but it will happen.