With decisions made by Interstate Hotels, why CC’s Kevin Molloy?

I would like somebody to explain to me what exactly [Executive Director] Kevin Molloy does and why we need him on the payroll? Every time I have seen a question posed to him, he refers the question to either Josh Nowak, with Interstate [Hotels], or Chris Barret, with the PDCVB.

Also, I would like to remind Mr. Molloy that PSP [Penn Square Partners] purchased the building to save it and had every intention to sell it to anyone willing to develop anything that would preserve the building. It was only after it became clear that no one wanted it and their buddies in the State Legislature would bail them out that the hotel and CC concept came into being.

You would think that Molloy, a figurehead leader of an organization with little or no power (It has all been ceded to PSP) would have more [time] to bone up on history.