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Manheim Township Crime Alert

Manheim Township Crime Alert – June 17, 2009 Vehicle Break-Ins: Many local jurisdictions are experiencing an increase in thefts from vehicle. These thefts are occurring anyplace you would find parked vehicles. In Manheim Township, these thefts have occurred in parking lots, along residential streets, and even in driveways. When you park your car, please remember […]

Has market for CC shrunk?

[Kevin] Molloy says people who come to the convention center are part of the “rubber-tire market” that lives two or three hours away and can drive here at a time when many people are cutting back on travel expenses. Could someone explain this to me? I thought it was meant to be a convention center. […]

Center opening doesn’t make it right

In response to “COMMENTARY: Where the rubber hits the road”: Well…just because it is now open, doesn’t make it ‘right’ for Lancaster City or County taxpayers, especially in the years ahead. We can only hope (and pray!), that things go better than anticipated (which would be a first), and that we don’t have to address […]

Trolly buses make more sense

If a trolley system must be installed between the AMTRAK station and the Convention Center, then it should be installed on the opposing one-way streets North Queen and North Duke.   For safety, it would entail placement on one side of each street; that would require the removal of most on-street parking – even in […]

Paying the piper

As a businesswoman and self employed for 35 years, even I knew from attending the meetings how far fetched the figures were. ALL the people that sincerely represented the taxpayers of this County have been ousted from office, resigned from boards, and or have been publicly drug through the mud. I am not a person […]

King John Fry

Let’s face it: If John Fry wants the lights to go in, they will. His whole attitude is “if I want something I will get it.” Also everyone knows that no-one in Lancaster City government has the ba!!s to say no to him.

“Terminator Salvation:” Linda Hamilton maligned

Linda Hamilton is my best friend. She has never tried to obtain rights to the Terminator franchise, nor were those rights a point of contention in her divorce from Jim Cameron.  This incredulous claim is completely untrue. If you allow this sort of falsehood to be published, you should be ashamed of yourself, because it […]

“Prohibition fails”

Not only that but at what point do politicians finally accept the fact that people are dying and Mexican drug cartels gaining more money and power BECAUSE of prohibition? It deeply confounds and frustrates me that any politician worth his salt doesn’t recognize and admit the utter failure of drug prohibition and stand up for […]

More re “Cut to the chase”

Heroin should be legal. No, I don’t use heroin, I have never even seen the stuff and if it were sold legally I wouldn’t buy any. But as a parent I want to keep my children as far away from heroin as possible, and that is impossible when dealers are operating out of our schools! […]

Re “Cut to the chase” about drugs

I agree its time to legalize drugs  as there are no longer any logical excuses not too. But this issue is more about freedom than the drugs themselves or their harmful effects; the issue is whether or not the government has the Consistutional right to dictate what a person can or can not do to […]

Terminator Salvation credits incorrect

I won’t criticize the content, though I think you are reaching a bit when you call T:Salvation a failure this early in the game. When the overseas B/O and DVD sales are tallied, I have a feeling the studio will come out ahead of their $200M (production/distribution costs) investment in the long run. I want […]

More re “Terminator Salvation”

1) It’s just trying to sell something to a new generation, who frankly, probably don’t have much connection to the original. They simply have tried to milk the same cow for too long. Time to move on! 2) I thought it was actually pretty ‘fun’. I’m sorry if people watch too many movies now where […]

“Holding our tongue” tabloid trash

You guys really ought to be ashamed of yourselves.  Seriously. I have no idea whose bright idea this was, and I cannot believe it was Robert Field’s idea.  But this is the trashiest, most self-serving, nauseating, and Tabloid hype nonsense I have ever seen in the media in 20+ years in Lancaster County. I thought […]