“Lancaster residential rental vacancy rate in 2013 is the highest point since 2005”

Lancaster Rental Vacancy Rate

The rental vacancy rate is the fraction of homes for rent that are not occupied.3 In 2013 the rental vacancy rate for Lancaster Pennsylvania was 5.04% according to Census ACS data.

Rental Vacancy Rate in Lancaster Pennsylvania
2013 1 Year Change 3 Year Change

US 6.49% -0.28% -1.68%
Pennsylvania 5.78% -0.10% -0.69%
Lancaster, PA 5.04% +1.31% +0.75%

Trends in Lancaster, PA Rental Vacancy Rate

At 5.04%, Lancaster residential rental vacancy rate in 2013 is at the highest point since 2005, the beginning of our reporting for this series.

NEWSLANC EDITOR: Our observations is that the growth of vacancies continues countywide. Housing problem is more about affordability than lack of available apartments.

We question how LNP’s series could have been so wrong when it comes to the trend of apartment occupancy. It took NewsLanc’s editor fifteen seconds on Google to come up with the above essential information. We also anticipate that the growth of vacancies has been increasing. We do agree with LNP that a big part of the problem is affordability. However our approaches to solutions are very different from those suggested by so called local experts.