The proper ways to commemorate Memorial Day

This is a day when everyone pays homage to our ‘brave heroes.’ That’s fine, but we should also be talking about our damn fool leaders.

Memorial Day should be a reminder to us that our youths have been called upon to lay down their lives for their country. Often they paid the price of defending worthy causes.

But all too often, and especially recently, they have been sent to their deaths for foolish wars urged by ignorant leaders (read that ‘damn fools’), those who see every foreign problem as a nail and the blood of youth as a hammer, and at the urging and conniving of the military / industrial complex. We were warned about the military /industrial complex by President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Let us dedicate the day and ourselves to practicing greater caution when called to send troops into harm’s way on murky assignments.

And let us thank President Barack Obama for preventing our youths from fighting in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and the Ukraine, and all of the other places that bird brained senators and media representatives have urged us to become involved.

If is tragic enough when our progeny perishes in just wars. It is unforgivable when they are otherwise caused to die.

Concerning ‘brave heroes’. In truth, many of them were neither ‘brave’ or ‘heroes’, simply kids who enlisted in the peacetime armed forces to get a livelihood and who became cannon fodder. Heroes or not, they are our kids and they deserve to live!

So let us not simply mourn our ‘heroes’. Let us also blame those who unnecessarily brought about their wounds and deaths, and prevent the unnecessary sacrifice of our young from occurring again on our watch.