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LETTER: “The fix was in, and the people are still paying for it”

The contributor refers to  Bill Keisling’s and NewsLanc’s forthcoming book on decades of corruption in Pennsylvania:   I hope your 50 corruptions include the downtown Lancaster project.  That $200 million albatross is about to grow in cost.  And that dumb project — a bad idea from its inception — has paid exactly zero property taxes.  Not […]

LNP publishes ‘feel good’ article re local homeless

According to “Homelessness in Lancaster County continues to decline as new strategies take effect”: “Homelessness in Lancaster County fell for a third straight summer, offering more confirmation that federally funded, research-driven strategies are working here, an expert said. “A total of 370 homeless individuals were counted on Thursday, Aug. 27, down 20 percent from a […]

KEISLING: Palace coup: what the Kathleen Kane prosecution is really about

Kathleen KaneAre the criminal charges brought by Republican officials against AG Kane, her subsequent law license suspension, and efforts by the state senate to remove her from office all simply a ruse meant to distract voters from what is really going on: an attempt by Republicans to control policy in the attorney general’s office, and throughout state government, without having won an election?

Albuquerque, Revising Approach Toward the Homeless, Offers Them Jobs

“It’s about the dignity of work, which is kind of a hard thing to put a metric on, or a matrix,” Mayor Richard J. Berry said. “If we can get your confidence up a little, get a few dollars in your pocket, get you stabilized to the point where you want to reach out for services, whether the mental health services or substance abuse services — that’s the upward spiral that I’m looking for.”…

Racist emails could impact pending criminal cases against two black legislators

[Defense attorney, A. Charles Peruto Jr.] soon would learn of accusations that top prosecutors on Bishop’s case had instructed the lead investigator to “target” black politicians, even though a confidential informant, Tyron Ali, initially had pointed them in the direction of at least four white state lawmakers, according to a May 2013 memo written by First Deputy Bruce Beemer to his new boss, Attorney General Kathleen Kane.