“It is time to bring heroin from out of the shadows and treat it as the public health crisis that it is…”

The Umbrella Revolution in Hong Kong: a second Tiananmen?

Are political developments in Hong Kong heading for a second Tiananmen massacre? A fortnight ago, partly to provoke discussion, partly to sound an alarm, I suggested in a radio interview that unless the Chinese government wisely handled the fast-unfolding dynamics, things in Hong Kong might well come to that. At the time, it seemed a rash remark. Given events of the past several days, it is now the most pertinent consideration, the core driver of the fate of what many Hong Kong citizens are calling the Umbrella Revolution.

LETTER: The number of people being killed by police is steadily increasing

That Wikipedia has been systematically aggregating data on people killed by American police agencies from jurisdictions all over the country was completely unknown to me quite until recently

Former Congressman Jim Traficant: one-of-a-kind

Traficant strode on stage in his cowboy boots, skinny tie, far out-of-style polyester suit and a “bouffant mound of hair that seemed to defy gravity,” as Matt Schudel of the Washington Post wrote. For nearly two hours, he answered questions, took heat and promised to fight for the employees.


“Pa. attorney general’s office was stuck in a sexist time-warp: Editorial” goes on to huff:

“Reading that, knowing it was being circulated on state time, among people in the agency that is supposed to enforce state laws and put bad guys like Jerry Sandusky away, should blow the dials off any thinking person’s outrage meter.

Control of state Senate up for grabs

PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE: …Democrats are hoping Gov. Tom Corbett’s unpopularity in recent polls, combined with several contests in the eastern part of the state that might be more favorable to Democratic candidates, will translate to Democratic wins in November

Putin turns to from Europe to China. Will China turn on Russia?

“We are enabling China to exploit our gold and silver deposits, strategic raw materials of tungsten, molybdenum, copper and vanadium. It’s all will come back to Russia in the form of tanks, planes, missiles. The housing built by Chinese in Siberia will be used in future by Chinese citizens. Because China comes here strong and forever.”

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"....I have never made it a consideration whether the subject was popular or unpopular, but whether it was right or wrong; for that which is right will become popular, and that which is wrong, though by mistake it may obtain the cry or fashion of the day, will soon lose the power of delusion, and sink into disesteem." Thomas Paine, Common Sense, on "Financing the War", March 5, 1782


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NewsLanc looks back at a decade of service

NewsLanc looks back at a decade of service

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Prospects cloudy for Corbett’s Harrisburg bailout

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