Capitolwire: General Assembly’s Taxpayers’ Caucus says it’s found $3 billion in budget savings, Wolf administration unimpressed.

By Chris Comisac  Bureau Chief Capitolwire HARRISBURG (May 25) – Calling it “a new day” and a “cultural shift” in the state Capitol, Sen. Scott Wagner, R-York, and Rep. Seth Grove, R-York, unveiled a list of policy proposalswhich, if adopted, they said would direct over $3 billion towards the Commonwealth’s deficit. Accounting for more than $2.5 billion […]

In Cutting Edge Move, Canada to Allow Prescription Heroin

by psmith, May 16, 2016, 02:40pm, (Issue #927) This article was produced in collaboration with AlterNet and first appeared here. Health Canada announced Friday that it is proposing new regulations to allow access to prescription heroin under its Special Access Program (SAP). That program allows for emergency access to drugs for serious or life-threatening conditions when conventional treatments have […]

Philly Inquirer nets a questionable $583,000 from state, and stands to gain another $300K

Is the Inquirer bilking taxpayers and the Commonwealth of PA? If the judges stand their ground and demand a do-over election, it looks like another financial windfall for the state’s financially strapped newspapers. None of the newspapers, meanwhile, seem to be complaining. by Bill Keisling (Editor’s note: to view an Excel spreadsheet of the 2016 […]

MILLER: Are McCord, Estey linked? Is ex-Governor Rendell the target?

By Dick Miller:   WE CONNECT.DOTS:  Are the Federal apprehensions of two high-ranking state government individuals linked.  Both are Democrats and this is the question many Harrisburg operatives ask. Two years ago the political world was shocked when the U.S. Attorney’s office for Middle Pennsylvania announced the indictment of former state Treasurer Rob McCord.  He […]

KEISLING: Tight-Lipped John Estey’s Plea Hearing Reveals Little of Long-Running Government Sting

Was the FBI’s textbook bribery scam an F Troop operation gone awry, with even the bureau’s own well-heeled lobbyists stealing from it? Or was it serious and praiseworthy undercover work? We don’t yet know. by Bill Keisling There’s no bigger mystery in Pennsylvania government this week than questions surrounding the arrest and plea deal of John […]

Easter in Moscow

By Slava Tsukerman In Russia Easter is usually celebrated later than in the West. This happens because Easter dates are determined by different calendars. The Russian-Orthodox church uses the old Julian calendar, whereas the Roman Catholic and Protestant churches switched to the Gregorian calendar in the 16th century. This year Russians celebrated Easter on May 1. May 1, the May […]

LNP editorial recognizes high tuition problem but not the solution

By Robert Field According to “Students shouldn’t have to suffer from rising higher education costs”: “Pennsylvania colleges are the second least affordable in the country, according to the ‘College Affordability Diagnosis,’ a report released by the University of Pennsylvania, Vanderbilt University and the Higher Education Policy Institute… “Students take on obscene amounts of debt, and […]

Is the American Legislative Exchange Council effective here?

  By Dick Miller   WE.CONNECT.DOTS:   The American Legislative Exchange Council is the nation’s largest and most powerful lobby group but claims to do no actual lobbying. About 400 state legislators met for ALEC’s spring educational seminar on legislative proposals in downtown Pittsburgh over this past weekend. ALEC describes itself as a non-partisan, non-profit organization […]

Feds Give Up on Effort to Seize Nation’s Largest Medical Marijuana Dispensary

by psmith, May 04, 2016, 02:58pm, (Issue #926) This article was produced in collaboration with AlterNet and first appeared here. In a stunning victory for California’s marijuana industry, federal prosecutors have agreed to end their years-long effort to close and seize Oakland’s Harborside Health Center, the nation’s largest dispensary with more than 100,000 patients. Inside Harborside. ( […] © 2015