In the Time of Trump, Can Congress Take the Lead on Marijuana Policy?

by  Phil Smith  psmith This article was produced in collaboration with AlterNet and first appeared here. DRUG WAR CHRONICLE:  While the marijuana community — consumers, industry, and advocates alike — eyes with trepidation the reign of avowed drug warrior Jeff Sessions at the Justice Department, the Trump executive branch isn’t the only game in town when […]

New York State Assembly Passes Landmark Legislation to Seal Past Marijuana Possession Convictions

  Bill is First Step Toward Comprehensive Plan to Redress Harms of the War on Drugs in Communities of Color  Sealing Records for Low-Level Marijuana Offenses Could Help Prevent Deportations in Trump America Advocates Urge Governor to Fully Decriminalize Personal Marijuana Possession, Seal Records, and Pardon People Who Have Been Falsely Arrested DRUG POLICY ALLIANCE: […]

We fall for political lies

By Dick Miller   WE.CONNECT.DOTS:   Politicians and government officials speak a different language. Because we accept these untruths, high taxes and poor services follow. This time of year, “politspeak” gets a little deeper. (Don’t ping your Merriam-Webster.  “Politspeak” is a new term.  A preliminary definition: “pledges by politicians to get re-elected, but – on the […]

Gorsuch on Grass: Where Does Trump’s Supreme Court Pick Come Down on Marijuana? 

  by  Phil Smith   psmith This article was produced in collaboration with AlterNet and first appeared here. DRUG WAR CHRONICLE:  Where does Donald Trump’s pick for the Supreme Court come down on weed? The record is pretty sparse. Neil Gorsuch hasn’t made any known public pronouncements about marijuana policy, and despite his tenure on the 10th […]

Welcome, Secretary DeVos

By Dick Miller   WE.CONNECT.DOTS:   When Betsy DeVos gets sworn in later this week as President Trump’s Secretary of Education, she should thank the Pennsylvania Democratic leadership. The Amway billionaire will be confirmed by a historical tie-breaking vote of Vice President Mike Pence either Monday night or Tuesday.  Two moderate Republican women senators refused to […]

Keisling: The building of the State Capitol

  EDITOR’S NOTE:  Assigned to write a book concerning corruption in Pennsylvania government over the past few decades, historian Bill Keisling could not resist at times tracing corruption back to the beginning of the last century.  Here is an excerpt from one of his almost 300 researches of  state corruption prepared to date.   Architect of […]

Changes in banking, reliance on monetary policy, and Hillary Clinton’s biggest mistake

By Robert Field Noble Award laureate Joseph E. Stiglitz writes in “the Euro, How A Common Currency Threatens The Future of Europe”: Concerning modern banks “By some accounts, their ‘real’ lending amounts to just 3 percent of their activities; by others, to some 15 percent. But by any account, bank finance has been absorbed in […]

China Moves Ballistic Missiles to Russian Border

By Slava Tsukerman Russian press informed readers that China posted a Dongfeng-41 (DF-41) intercontinental ballistic missiles of its own production near the Russian/Chinese border. The publications stressed that the information, including photographs of the missiles, came not from Russian intelligence, but from Chinese official sources, including Global Times, daily newspaper of the Chinese Communist Party. […]

Wolf now in Corbett shoes

By Dick Miller WE.CONNECT.DOTS:   Four years ago, Republican Gov. Tom Corbett, in the middle of his first term, was at the top of a list compiled by Governing Magazine.  He was labeled one of the most vulnerable governors up for re-election. Two years later, Democrat Tom Wolf defeated Corbett’s attempt for a second term.  And […]

LNP’s “” article makes important points

Unfortunately this front page article in todays Sunday LNP  is not available at, which seems to often be a problem. The article breaks no new ground, but it is essential information and deserves being re-published by newspapers across the state. Here is an excerpt taking from .  “A stacked system: ‘This is politics’ …Despite public opinion […]

“Bully” for Lancaster Mayor Rick Gray for maintaining our values

LNP reports in “Lancaster mayor calls Trump’s immigration executive order ‘unnecessary distraction’” : Gray has previously declined to label Lancaster as a “sanctuary city.” In his statement Friday, he said local authorities cooperate with federal officers in cases that involve “serious crimes,” and they “always comply with constitutional detainer requests.” A look at Donald Trump’s […] © 2016