KEISLING: Does Trump have hidden support in Pennsylvania?

The ‘Undercover Trump Voter’: A ‘Reverse Bradley Effect?’ Donald Trump is pandering to angry, often under-educated and politically unsophisticated voters in Pennsylvania and elsewhere. So are voters shy to tell pollsters of their real voting intentions? by Bill Keisling Is Donald Trump’s support in Pennsylvania stronger than polls suggest? In the last several weeks polls have placed […]

Federal agencies to stop accepting Pa. driver’s licenses as proof of identity

PITTSBURGH TRIB LIVE:  Federal agencies will begin rejecting Pennsylvania driver’s licenses and photo IDs as official forms of identification on Jan. 30 unless the state comes into compliance with a national law that sets standards for state-issued IDs. Pennsylvanians won’t be able to use their state IDs to enter military bases, nuclear power plants and […]

“Right-wing extremism is on the rise in Europe” – Mitchell Orenstein and Daniel Kelemen

BUDAPEST SENTINEL:  One thing Brexit shows is that it is not really fruitful to try and appease these kind of right-wing, anti-EU, Eurosceptic movements, which (former British prime minister David) Cameron tried to do. In fact, one of the concerns that stopped the EU and the commissioners from doing more against Orbán earlier was that […]

Is Putin’s war on Syria prelude to something much worse?

By Slava Tsukerman Reading Russian newspapers and watching Russian state controlled TV can bring one to conclusion that Russia is preparing for the start of nuclear war. On September 30, Russian government officially informed Muscovites that underground shelters had been built, which could house 12 million people, enough for the entire population of Moscow. Russian […]

ART MORRIS: “Is a $10.3 million tax break fair to Lancaster residents?”

Letter to the Editor by former Lancaster mayor Art Morris About 10 years ago, Lancaster Newspapers (LNP) and High Associates (High) were given an estimated $43.8 million property tax break to build the downtown Marriott Hotel.

Now they want to expand and build an adjoining Marriott Tower. The city is planning to give them, under a state economic […] © 2016