KEISLING: Will PA politicians heed angry British vote?

Overheated rhetoric and false promises on issues like property taxes and the PA budget lay the groundwork for voter revolt here The Pennsylvania horse racing industry gets about a third of the proceeds from casino revenue promised to homeowners. So are your property taxes too high? Blame your state representative and senator — they’re giving […]

Lawmakers ignore us

By Dick Miller   WE.CONNECT.DOTS:    – Do the lawmakers we pay to represent us in Washington thumb their noses at us? Here is proof of one example which fits for every Congressional District represented by a Republican.  If you are mad that assault weapons are within reach of the nuts and terrorists who slaughter our […]

Newsletter: Brexit Backlash Against EU, A Revolt Against Elites

Brexit Backlash Against EU, A Revolt Against Elites Above: Protest supporting the Brexit by Associate Press. By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese   POPULAR RESISTANCE:  The globalized economy is not working for most people of the world. International trade agreements and new government structures like the European Union serve corporate power and put the people and planet […]

Supreme Court Opens Door for More Lawless Police Searches

by psmith This article was produced in collaboration with AlterNet and first appeared here. In a pair of decisions released Monday, the US Supreme Court again demonstrated its deference to law enforcement priorities, in one case by expanding an exception to the long-standing ruling requiring that unlawfully gathered evidence be discarded and in another by holding that […]

PA House signals it’s not serious about school or property tax reform

Pennsylvania has a political leadership problem, not just a school or tax problem A Russian space satellite brought the greatest reform to Pennsylvania schools in the 20th century by Bill Keisling Though many Pennsylvanians are unhappy with the rising cost of their property taxes and the declining quality of our public schools, they can probably […]

Once again LNP Editorial Board is mindlessly piling on

Readers might want to compare LNP’s editorial “Applauding local religious leaders for acknowledging ‘a great sin’” with the article by Dick Miller from that we re-published yesterday. The editorial board once again is feeding the mass circulation what it wants to hear: Protection of children from sexual predators. They say: “Earlier this month, Lancaster […]

Abuse victims political pawns

By Dick Miller WE. CONNECT.DOTS:   The issue is compensation and justice for victims of childhood sexual abuse, particularly in a school setting.  Current law limits criminal charges and lawsuits to people who come forward before they are 30 years old.  The proposed changes would allow civil suits seeking damages as long as the victim is […] © 2015