Kane trial wrap-up: Was Kathleen Kane’s jury trial rigged?

A series of pre-trial decisions rendered against Kane in the weeks and months leading to the jury verdict helped to seal her fate — long before a jury was ever selected. In Pennsylvania, you are protected when you go along, and you’re endangered when you don’t.   by Bill Keisling A show trial, Merriam-Webster’s dictionary […]

How Russians feel about the 25th Anniversary of the end of Communism in Russia

By Slava Tsukerman Last week was the 25th Anniversary of the coup of August 19-21, 1991, an attempt to overthrow Mikhail Gorbachev from his post as the President of the Soviet Union. Almost all of the members of the Soviet government of the period were involved in the plot. The plotters called themselves the State Committee on the […]

PA defines corruption

By Dick Miller WE.CONNECT.DOTS:    When it comes to state governments judged most corrupt, Pennsylvania stands out.  In one study only four other states are considered worse than PA.  The Center for Public Integrity graded PA with an “F,” either for failing or flunking or both. Conviction of Attorney-General Kathleen Kane for perjury and her subsequent […]

LETTER: Third Parties Aren’t Spoliers, They’re at the Cutting Edge of Democracy

Just published in The Guardian: Third Parties Aren’t Spoliers, They’re at the Cutting Edge of Democracy, with the subheadline: A vote for the Republicans or Democrats is a vote for the status quo. Pressure from the radical left could be the beginning of a transformational change And, it’s written by a very credible author! It concludes […]

It’s Official: Five States Will Vote on Marijuana Legalization in November

by Phil Smith     psmith, This article was produced in collaboration with AlterNet and first appeared here. DRUG WAR CHRONICLE:  Arizona Secretary of State Michele Reagan last week certified a marijuana legalization initiative for the November ballot, setting the stage for a national election that will see the issue go directly to the voters in five […]

Due process triumphs over LNP editorial hysterics re Kathleen Kane

By Robert Field Wednesday’s LNP editorial “Attorney General Kathleen Kane’s resignation is long overdue” rejoices in her conviction and takes credit for their strident calls for her resignation, which began at the time of her grand jury indictment. More on that below. With Pennsylvania rated by Fortune Magazine as the fifth most corrupt state in the union and a […]

Kane Trial Day 5: AG Kane declines to testify, and rests her defense without presenting witnesses

Since state Treasurer Budd Dwyer’s conviction and tragic death, this type of non-defense at trial hasn’t been used again by state officials facing prosecution, and for good reason   by Bill Keisling   Almost 30 years ago, in December 1986, Pennsylvania Treasurer R. Budd Dwyer, on trial in federal court, declined to present a defense at […]

GUEST COLUMNIST: David and Goliath, or Why the One Percent Has to Rig the System

By Polly Cleveland, PhD Malcolm Gladwell’s bestseller, David and Goliath, asks how and why the weak win far more often than we expect. What characteristics of the weak can sometimes make them strong? What characteristics of the powerful can often make them vulnerable? For a long-time inequality buff like me, Gladwell provides some new insights. Gladwell […]

Kane trial extra: Court officials release transcript of FBI wiretap of Kane consultant Josh Morrow

The value of phone tap recordings like this to criminal investigators is that they are unrehearsed, and recorded at the time of an alleged crime. There’s little opportunity for someone like Morrow to rehearse a story, or say he can’t remember what happened. by Bill Keisling Not long after the prosecution and defense rested Friday in […]

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