Culture Shock: American Activists Confront Compassionate Portuguese Drug Policy

  by psmith, April 04, 2018, 03:56pm DRUG WAR CHRONICLE:  The American activists couldn’t wrap their heads around it. Sitting in a dingy office in a nondescript building in central Lisbon, they were being provided a fine-grained explanation of what happens to people caught with small amounts of drugs in Portugal, which decriminalized the possession […]

BUDAPEST BEACON: “We are no longer bastions of the rule of law,” says Hungarian judge

by Benjamin Novak Originally published March 1, 2018 by our sister publication Budapest Beacon Last week, the Budapest Beacon published the first of a series of articles dealing with Hungary’s judiciary as it is experienced from the inside. The purpose of this series to provide insight into how those working in the judiciary see the […]

BUDAPEST BEACON: Gábor Székely: They should not pretend there are independent judges here

By Benjamin Novak, originally published at the Budapest Beacon Feb. 19, 2018, reprinted here by permission. “They should not pretend there are independent judges here.” – Gábor Székely, former judge. A while ago, we interviewed current and former judges on the workings of Hungary’s judiciary. Former judge Gábor Székely was one of the people we […] © 2016