LETTER: NYC and northern NJ gambling will impact PA and AC revenue

I am all for casinos and would love to see one in downtown Lancaster at the site of our convention center; however, if we think they are the long term answer to our statewide budget problems, we have a much larger problem.

Online payday lenders agree to pull out of PA market.

The agreement alleges that WS Funding and Cash Call — California-based lending companies Reddam owns — charged Pennsylvania consumers rates that exceed those allowed under state law. The agreement also says Delbert Services Corporation, a debt-collection firm based in Nevada that Reddam also owns, collected interest from Pennsylvania customers at rates that were illegal under state law.

An Ominous Health Care Ruling

Under the decision of a three-judge panel of the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, people living in 36 states, mostly led by Republican governors or legislatures, would be in jeopardy because their states refused to set up “exchanges” or electronic marketplaces on which individuals can shop for insurance plans and apply for subsidies based on their incomes…

Pa. should be able to avoid an Atlantic City-style gambling recession, market analyst says

HARRISBURG PATRIOT-NEWS Column: …It is true that overall gaming revenue declined in 2013 in Pennsylvania for the first time since legalized casino gambling was introduced here in 2006.

Jerry Brown signs bill limiting full-contact football practice in California

Nineteen other states have banned full-contact high school football practices in the off-season, according to a legislative analysis…

LETTER: There needs to be honest conversations to find solution to pension problem

There needs to be an honest conversation with employees and the union to find a solution to this problem that is workable and doesn’t continue to kick the can down the road.

Corbett called “Dead Man Walking”

FiveThirtyEight website tracks governor and legislative elections in every state, using a compilation of as many polls as possible…. Pennsylvania is tied with California at about 96 percent likely Democrat.

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Convention Center Series Index

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LETTER: Ronald Reagan tells Soviet jokes.

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