LETTER: “LNP has long history of character assassinations”

LNP has a long history of character assassinations being done to anyone who stands in the way or challenges anything they want to do. LNP has a long history of besmirching the integrity of anyone who does not fall in line with their political thinking or their profit-driven agenda. LNP will leave no stone unturned when it comes to having things their way, yet they are terribly disappointing in providing the full story on major issues that effect taxpayer pocketbooks.

If only we had a real newspaper that provided unbiased full coverage on issue that interest/effect all of Lancaster City/County residents, and not just a chosen few (like the power elite).

Oh well, we can always hope that the winds of change someday blow down the ivory tower at 8 W. King Street.

EDITOR: The failure of Penn Square Partners to join others last year in making concessions concerning the Convention Center did cast current management of LNP in a bad light. Although they are the limited partner in PSP, they could have made a contribution in their own name.

Nevertheless, managers and editors of LNP today are not the same as when the Marriott Hotel / Convention Center project was under consideration. The same as we should not blame President Barrack Obama for President George W. Bush’s errors of the next president for Obama’s mistakes, we should cut some slack for current owner’s representatives and the editors.

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  1. “Birds of a feather, flock together”…..and so it goes from one management/editorial team to the next at LNP.

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