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Trolley Car Propaganda

The September 9th Sunday News ran a long article extolling the virtues of bringing trolley cars (they call them “street cars”) back to Lancaster. The article is available at http://local.lancasteronline.com/4/209236. NewsLanc comments item by item and endeavors to provide the missing balance: 1) The formation of the Lancaster Street Car Co., a Pennsylvania nonprofit corporation, […]

Commissioners approve streetcar study with conditions

At the August 19 County Commissioners Meeting, the Commissioners approved the 2009 Lancaster County Urban Enhancement Funds, which includes a $20,000 grant contributing to a feasibility study regarding the installation of a streetcar system in downtown Lancaster. The Commissioners passed the funding, but appended deliberate requirements that the study be an independent and comprehensive analysis of such a system’s technical and financial feasibility…

EDITORIAL: Are commissioners being taken for a ride?

Despite the valid concerns they raised during their discussion at Tuesday’s work session, the County Commissioners are taking a giant step towards being taken for a ride by the Streetcar idiocy. Street cars were taken off Lancaster Streets many decades ago because they were no longer practical. We can recall tracks remaining in the streets.

Commissioners express caution regarding streetcars

At the August 18 County Commissioners Work Session, Commissioners Stuckey, Martin, and Lehman all stressed that the feasibility study for downtown streetcars be as comprehensive and definitive as possible. Discussing a number of concerns regarding the proposed project, the Commissioners also asserted the study should result in an unequivocal conclusion as to whether or not the project will proceed.

EDITORIAL: Shameful abuse of the public trust

The PA Dutch Convention & Visitors Bureau (PDCVB) is largely funded by tax payers dollars, a good portion of its budget coming from its share of the Hotel Room Sales Tax imposed in order to subsidize the development and operation of the Convention Center. A poll was published in the Lancaster Newspapers and attributed as in part coming from this semi-public organization. The press release from the PDCVB claimed that the respondents overwhelmingly favored a street car system.