LCCCA chickens come home to roost

in “Center of attention,” Associated Editor Gil Smart of the Sunday News reports:

“Was at the convention center consultant presser this morning, and came away with a different take than what we’re reporting here.

“The big takeaway from the presentation is this: Not only is the hotel tax going to have to rise – and soon – but to achieve a long-term, “global, forever” solution, additional, new sources of revenue are going to have to be conjured up in the near future.

“’Sources of revenue’ as in, taxes. Perhaps a countywide sales tax. Perhaps a food and beverage tax. Perhaps a levy/assessment on downtown businesses.”…

En route back home after a two week absence, we learned about the above from an e-mail from perhaps the most knowledgeable and a vociferous critic of the ‘white elephant”.  The subject line read:

“We told them so.”



  1. So…when will this ‘news flash’ be in LNP? What will Marvelous marv’s reaction be? How soon will our elected officials act to make PSP responsible? How soon will a casino arrive to ‘save the day’?

    “And the walls came tumbling down”….!!!


    “In other words, those ‘irrationally exuberant’ projections from way back when? Toss them out.”

    “It was more or less admitted that the convention center isn’t generating too many room nights for hotels outside the city, and won’t.”

    “The convention center is already technically in default.”

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