LCCCA Board membership for suspect period

by Jim Sneddon

Below are the list of Convention Center Authority Board Members during the events that NewsLanc will be describing through a series of special reports over the next few months. The plan is to publish the series every two weeks rather than once a month as originally announced.

The concern is to avoid providing so much information at one time as to make it difficult to fully read and absorb, yet not to allow so much time to pass that memories of past disclosures fade.

NewsLanc will run concurrent radio ‘informationals’ on local stations.

Please ponder the significance of Jim Sneddon’s observation in the last line. At the time NewsLanc described the four City appointees as “seeing no evil, hearing no evil, and speaking no evil.”

From the 01/08/03 meeting:

James Pickard (chairman)
Willie Borden (treasurer)
Christina Hausner (secretary)
Garth Sprecher (1st vice chairman)
Judy Ware (2nd vice chairman)
Frank Taylor (assistant secretary)
Paul Wright (assistant treasurer)

From the 02/02/03 meeting:

Christina Hausner submits her resignation
David Schwanger is appointed (assistant secretary)
Taylor moves up to be secretary

From the September 2003 meeting:

Pickard submits letter of resignation. No new members are added at this meeting, but Ted Darcus is present in the audience and Garth Sprecher is named temporary chairman

From the 11/24/03 meeting:

Ted Darcus joins the board – replaces Pickard
John Fry joins the board – replaces Wright

From the 1/14/04 meeting:

Darcus is named chairman
Borden (still treasurer)

From the 10/13/05 meeting:

New appointees are:

Laura Douglas
Debra Hall
Joseph Morales

They replace Ware, Taylor and Fry

Remaining members are:


From the 11/9/05 meeting

Jack Craver replaces Sprecher

The board remains the same throughout 2006

Darcus (chairman)
Borden (treasurer)
Morales (1st vice chairman)
Schwanger (secretary)

During disputed votes, the above four always vote together.