Lancaster Post series about the hotel and convention center project

NewsLanc’s Convention Center series is on hold due to constraints on various parties from the Molly Henderson vs. Lancaster Newspapers and Art Morris litigation.

Those impatient to learn more about what occurred beyond the last installment of our series may wish to visit the collection under the heading “Lancaster Post series about the hotel and convention center project.”

According to their web site:

“ ‘A View From Downtown’ was a regular column which appeared in the Lancaster Post, written by a lifelong Lancaster City resident. These articles covered information and perspective about issues which affect life in downtown Lancaster, including the hotel and convention center project.

“Because many of these articles included so much important information, with the permission of the author we are re-posting the Lancaster Post series of articles about the hotel and convention center project here.”

Please click on each title to read the article.

Taxpayer Tragedy
Originally published April 18, 2008

Stealth Funding
Originally published May 2, 2008

Why bother?
Originally published June 6, 2008

Can’t see the forest for the trees
Originally published June 20, 2008

The ties that bind
Originally published July 11, 2008

Funny money (part one)
Originally published August 1, 2008

Funny money (part two)
Originally published August 8, 2008

Who do they serve? (part one)
Originally published August 22, 2008

Who do they serve? (part two)
Originally published September 5, 2008

Historic Preservation prevails
Originally published September 12, 2008

Originally published September 26, 2008

Rubber stamp
Originally published October 17, 2008

Scheduled to be published on October 24, 2008, but was not due to lack of space.

updated July 6, 2009

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