“Goodbye, farewell and amen (but check the blog, willya?)”

The words in our lede are from Gil Smart’s farewell column in last Sunday’s LNP. Excerpts and a link can be found below.

When all the ads accompanied by some articles are separately delivered on Saturday, the two things we looked for are his column and the editorial.

Let’s hope LNP does indeed use his skills to investigate areas of activities in Lancaster that require exploration and illumination, the terms of the merger of Lancaster General Health with University of Pennsylvania Health as a start. It would be a fair trade off.

But we’ll miss Gil’s columns. And try to remember to go to his blog.

LANCASTERONLINE: …Over the years I did battle with conservatives; I once told the religious right to “get out of my face.” That went over well. The irony is that in my dotage, with three kids, I got more conservative. Some readers were rattled; one wrote she wanted the “old Gil” back.

But to live is to change; nothing and no one remains the same. That would go for the newspaper you’re holding in your hands, as well.

I’ll continue to write enterprise and investigative stories for our newspaper and website. And “Smart Remarks” as a brand will live on via my LNP blog, where you’ll find more reporting and more focus on topics I’ve covered and other issues I can address with some expertise, matters that matter to Lancaster County, our home… (more)


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  1. I wonder…..is this one more step by LNP to justify eliminating the print editions, and merely focus on their online edition?

    I wonder what the advertising income comparison would be between the two formats?

    I wonder what the ‘readership’ comparison would be between the two formats?

    I wonder if LNP really knows what it is doing? There certainly isn’t much ‘hard’ news anymore. LNP seems more focused on promoting downtown Lancaster venues than anything else.

    I live in southern Lancaster County (I do not consider myself a “Lancastrian”) and have very few reasons to frequent “beautiful, robust, and vibrant” downtown.

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