Explanation of a Kremlin Ideologist

By Slava Tsukerman

Yuri Gusakov  is one of the ideologists of the Russian ruling party, United Russia, and the founder and director of the semi-official Internet TV channel Russia.ru. He made a sensational statement that was published by the website Uraldaily.ru and reposted by numerous  other Russian websites.

This unusually frank statement helps explain the government’s attitude towards its citizens.

Here are some quotes from Gusakov’s statement:

“This country is inhabited by some brutish trash that just cannot be given the opportunity to choose freely. This dirty cattle should hum in the stalls, and not be allowed to enter with their dirty hooves into my cozy air-conditioned office.”

Gusakov explains reason for creating government supported mass organizations of the youth: “Molodaia Gvardija” (Young Guard) and “Nashi” (Ours):

“The purpose of Molodaia Gvardija,  Nashi  and other trashjugend (analogy with ‘hitlerjugend’ S.Ts.) is to keep such cattle in their stalls.”

“Our Victory! Putin, we are with you!”

“Ours” are marching.

“Freedom of speech is the journalists’ destructive nihilism”

“Putin loves everybody!”

“Isn’t it obvious that giving people free elections and equal access to the media will bring nationalists from the MAII (Movement Against Illegal Immigration) and the other Nazis to power in Russia? “, –asks Gusakov.

MAII: “Russians unite!”

There are more than 150 Neo Nazi gangs in Russia.

Gusakov objects to liberal intellectuals who are criticizing Putin’s regime and are discussing the need “to flee from” Putin’s Russia.  In his opinion Russian society enjoys complete freedom.

“One will not need to flee out of the country so long as ‘Ours’ and other such scum are marching in state controlled columns.  But it would be necessary to flee out of here when this mass herd of beasts will be allowed to elect a government of their own. That’s when I will be the first to run to the American Embassy and plead for asylum.

“Today everything is fine – one can make money, can bark at the Kremlin in the Internet, can fly anywhere one wants.  Today a Russian Jew doesn’t need to change the family name of his child in order to get the kid permission to study in Moscow University.

“It is complete freedom. Just do not take official propaganda seriously. This propaganda’s purpose is not to make fools of us, but to protect us from the aggressive, impoverished, derelict masses that would devour everything if they were left on their own”

In conclusion of his statement Gusakov exclaims: “Glory to today’s Russia!”

Gusakov’s confession had insulted and outraged many Russians. But deep in their hearts, many Russians probably share a lot of Gusakov’s beliefs.  And it is the main reason why Putin is still the most popular and respected politician in his country.

Painting “Putin saves Russia” by V. Mamatkazin  hanging on a wall of the central office of the United Russia party in city of Perm.