EDITORIAL: What should Lancaster General do?

1) In the interest of transparency, improved performance and since it is a Public Foundation, LGH should open its board and committee meetings at least once every three month to the public and media so that proceedings can be observed, questions posed and issues discussed.

2) Three members of the Board of Trustees should be elected by the public to four year terms.

3) In recognition that LGH’s huge profits (well over a hundred million dollars each year) are in large part a result of its market dominance, at least 20% of earnings should be spent each year towards public health and for education. An extra $25 million would make a huge difference in the quality of health and life in our community.

4)  LGH should hold three public forums over the next year to explain and hear comments about its proposal to build a hospital within three miles of Ephrata Community Hospital in West Earl Township. We have not encountered a single person who doesn’t consider the notion bizarre.  Minimally, explanations and public discussions are in order.