Departure of Ernie Schrieber

I read yesterday that Tim McKeel has taken over for Ernie Schrieber as editorial page editor for the New Era’s ed. page.  Schreiber retired.  Good riddance.  He was a partisan attack dog, whose vicious and irresponsible editorials were particularly hurtful to Dick Shellenberger.  Schreiber was a hysterical pro-convention center nut.


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  1. Schreiber was nor more and no less than a ‘corpoarate lackee’ when it came to the conventioon center/hotel…as was the entire staff at LNP..and it continues until today. There has been no ‘real’ reporting in the financial implications/results of the convention center/hotel whuch has been primarily funded by OUR tax dollars. If LNP were as civic minded as they should be, there would be an investigation into the accountability of thre ‘powers that be’.

    As far as Schreiber being characterisrized as a ‘partisan attack dog’ …I agree; but the same can be said for the New Era editiorial staff and most especially the Sunday News Gil Smart who wears his liberalism like a badge of honor. Fortunately for Sunday News readers, Marv Adams is so totally clueless, that he essentially replaces the ‘Funny Pages’ with his worthless commentary.

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