The history of The Lancaster Newspapers

The Watchdog was interviewed last week by a veteran journalist who is writing a book which includes the history of The Lancaster Newspapers (LNP).

We believe he was surprised by our praise of the entity, the Steinman family and Steinman Trust for the quality of the newspapers and the generous contributions over a century to our community.

Yes, there was a decade during which they lapsed.  They allowed their business interests to compromise their journalistic standards. The first draft of the Convention Center series at describes much of what took place.   Hopefully our own book will follow.  

LNP started out by meaning well, they were duped, and, once made aware, they foolishly chose to perpetuate and compound their folly.  The leadership had lost its moral compass and disgraced itself.

That was then and now is now, although a sign of recognition by the LNP that they erred would go far in healing many wounds.  The Watchdog reads and enjoys the newspaper every day and holds the current editors and reporters in high regard.  Lancaster is fortunate to have such quality journalism.