A sad message with our newspaper

Saturday morning we and others received a separate message with the combined Intelligencer Journal/New Era Saturday edition: “Due to changes at Lancaster Newspaper I will no longer be your carrier beginning June 29…I have enjoyed being your carrier.”

The Intell arrives punctually every morning at our front door. We don’t have to walk a step to pick it up. We could reach out and grab it while in our pajamas or night gown!

Of course the consolidation is essential so that Lancastrians can continue to enjoy a single daily newspaper, what most other cities have and, sadly, more than some these days. With the cost of newsprint and labor going up and withering competition from the Internet, we cannot count indefinitely on the pleasure of sharing news and features with our morning coffee. Moreover, for what will we use our scissors any longer?

So which of the reporters and columnists will also have to go? NewsLanc hasn’t received notes from any of them. Perhaps we soon will.