No respect left for Lancaster’s heritage?

This so-called “poetry path” will insert an abstract wavy pattern into the sidewalk of the only remaining part of Penn Square which is truly historic.  The Central Market, Old City Hall, and the Griest Building are all listed on
the National Register of Historic Places.

This will seriously detract from the appearance of this part of Penn Square.

Is there no respect remaining at all for our heritage?



  1. Did I read this correctly that Ms. K. said that this will not cost us anything? Where does she think GRANT monies come from? It is recycled TAX dollars if I am correct!!!

    Do we not have anything better to spend money on than to beautify the SQUARE for all the visitors at the Center and the Marriott?

  2. Does anyone else think that the whole idea is trite and the poem insipid?

  3. I don’t understand. If the poetry were a tribute to a well known local poet, someone in the arts as notable as Demuth, possibly. This project is a result of the efforts of the art community, a vigorous supporter of Mayor Grey, whose wife is an artist. Such a project is suitable for a major city, with wide sidewalks and sweeping expanses of common ground where artists can show art for art’s sake.

    Why don’t the parties involved take the grant money and beautify Long’s Park which is in need of some TLC.

    These busy bodies who “happen” upon Lancaster County (some hold public office} and then try to change, “enhance”, and in general destroy what makes this Lancaster need to find another spot to roost. I, for one, have HAD IT!!!!

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