NewsLanc seeks nominees for Convention Center ‘Honor Roll’

A week ago NewsLanc published “The $63.6 million convention center ‘swindle’: Who were responsible” and presented a “Dishonor roll” consisting eleven persons and a bank.

NewsLanc is now compiling and will soon publish a much longer “Honor Roll” of those citizens who risked reputation and livelihood by openly and correctly questioning the feasibility of the Convention Center Project.

Of course they were not alone in opposition to any form of government guarantee of the financing. A Fox 47 sponsored poll established that 78% of the Lancaster public agreed with them. But what is the overwhelming will of the public when powerful financial and media interests seek to feather their own nests?

NewsLanc is requesting nominations for it’s the Honor Roll. Otherwise we must rely upon our Convention Center Series to identify individuals and we know that such a list will be incomplete.

But better something than nothing. And those who stood up against the predatory juggernaut know who they are and can forever be proud of their service to the community.

Please use comment space below to send nominees to NewsLanc of send to [email protected]. Thank you.


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  1. Dick Shellenberger and Molly Henderson should be at the head of this list!!!


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