LETTER: President Barack Obama’s legacy

Twenty million people have insurance now that didn’t have it before. That is a success. There are many aspects of Obamacare that [President Elect Donald Trump] wants to keep. All evidence points to the Iran deal being successful. You want to blame racism on Obama? Ha! The Republicans stopped his infrastructure proposals. You blame him? He pulled us out of the biggest depression since the great depression. No one was starving in the streets like they were in the thirties. He saved the auto industry! Job creation has been unprecedented. Unemployment is 4.9. When he took office we were losing jobs a million a month! Republicans cut funding for veterans three times while Obama was in office. Day one McConnell stated he didn’t want Obama to succeed. How is he supposed to with constant resistance from the Republicans? It’s amazing that he’s had as much success as he did.


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  1. 1) Obama’s insurance coverage was largely medicaid expansion, not the ACA. The ACA has not been that effective, my evidence is the cost of coverage promised vs current costs. Unless you get a subsidy you got screwed. Employers have been paying for increased insurance costs as opposed to wage increases. Ask working people how that feels.

    2) Obama spent 787 billion dollars for shovel ready jobs, not jobs that needed Republican permission. Joe Biden admitted (laughed) that the jobs were not as shovel ready as they thought, yet the 787 Billion was still spent. Future generations will bear the burden as well as the additional trillions for god knows what.

    3) Employed US workforce is at it lowest level since the 1970’s. The unemployment rate does not include people who have given up looking for work. Look at the total picture, not just the “good news”.

    4) I can’t find anyone who died of starvation in the streets during the great depression, my 90 year old Uncle confirms it.

    5) If Obama was doing so great Trump would not be president elect.

    EDITOR: We disagree with some of what the above states as facts, especially how the funds from the Recovery Act were used and about people not dying from deprivation in the Great Depression. Although little else, the Recovery Act did prevent another Great Depression.

    (Sadly every day I witness a lady street person slowly dying in Central Park. Unlike in the Great Depression, this is by her choice since today New York City would provide care for her.)

    The biggest mistake of the past eight years was the reliance on monetary rather than fiscal stimulus to hasten recovery. More government expenditures would have put people back to work, brought a far quicker recovery, and ultimately cost much less*. Relying mostly on monetary stimulus largely made stock holders richer, slowed expansion of employment, undermined wage levels, and produced a relatively hollow recovery. Hence the election of Donald Trump.

    *Going into debt to purchase a house is not losing money. You have debt but an off setting asset. Hence government investment in infrastructure and education is an investment, not a give away.

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