Lancaster city accused of ‘under the table’ deal for selling West King property at ‘extraordinarily low’ price

LNP: Lancaster city used legally questionable means to sell two historic downtown properties to its preferred buyer at a steep discount without advertising the prime real estate or inviting bids, a city business owner told City Council on Tuesday…

Taking all factors into consideration, sale price is “extraordinarily low,” and “perhaps less than half the fair market value,” [certified public accountant Gary] Ziffer wrote in an email to LNP.

It works out to about $29 per square foot. Similar properties in Lancaster are being offered for more than $100 per square foot, Ziffer said… (more)


NEWLANC EDITOR: Here we go again!

There seems to be no end to the enriching of certain parties by the City of Lancaster per the direction of Mayor Rick Gray and Planner Randy Patterson. On their part, it seems more ongoing and obstinate ignorance than venal.

LNP deserves some credit for publishing the article given LNP’s  indirect involvement  and benefits through Penn square Partners but; coming from a reputable, credentialed source; they had little choice.