Here LNP goes again

A recent article properly extolled the Steinman Family Foundation for contributions to the School District of Lancaster towards adjusting to remote schooling.

Two things were not mentioned:

The family, unlike the foundation established by earlier family generations, has deprived the SD of L of at least $300,000 a year in  real estate taxes on the downtown Marriott Hotel and Tower through a sleight of hand arrangement. Tax exempt RACL owns and leases the hotels to Penn Square Partners on a net basis and Penn Square Partners has an option to purchase the hotels at a later date at a nominal price. This is in addition to the sweetheart deal  with the Convention Center for Penn Square Partners to provide services and share expenses.

Also missing from the story was that the Robert Field Family contributed $300,000 to the Lancaster School District earlier in the year to purchase a thousand computer tablets for the use of students.   We never have sought publicity for our contributions but for some family members the article was galling.

Updated: August 24, 2020 — 7:12 am