The DMC Report on the School District of Lancaster

By Charlie Crystle

If you read this post, you’ll find a link within it that will take you to the long-awaited and still “secret” DMC report…

The report is a very positive first step toward transforming the district from one with 38% of its High School students proficient in reading, 47% of its Middle Schoolers, and 52% of its elementary students….

…the Board has met and deliberated public business several times recently in private. I raised the issue of Sunshine violations in last week’s closed meeting, and was invited to leave the meeting, but chose to stay so my voice would be heard. If it’s a violation of Sunshine laws, I was part of it and expect to be fined. If not, then my apologies to the board for my public statements. We’ll see…

Boards are not supposed to be “teams” or clubs. We are independent, elected representatives charged with serving the public interest at all times. As 9 different people, we have different beliefs of what the public interest is…  (more,  MUCH MORE!)

EDITOR: The above is from Crystle’s blog and is a must read in itself.   We look forward to reading the report over the weekend, if not before.   We may not  always agree with Crystle, but it is a privilege to share the same community with him.

Updated: September 2, 2011 — 11:34 am