by Slava Tsukerman

On July 18 Russia’s leading opposition figure, lawyer and blogger, candidate for the position of Mayor of Moscow, Alexei Navalny was sentenced to five years. The court in Kirov city found him guilty of misappropriating about $500,000 in a lumber deal when he was an adviser to the region’s governor.

After verdict was pronounced Navalny was immediately detained, as it is customary in Russia. But surprisingly he was released the very next day. It was the first case in the time of Putin’s rule, when а sentenced person was freed on bail pending an appeal. This decision of the Prosecutors Office is actively discussed in Russian media and Internet. Some believe that protests by thousands of people in Russian cities have caused the Kremlin to rethink. Others suggest that Navalny was freed in order to participate in the Moscow Mayor elections in September, because in his absence the Kremlin backed candidate Sobianin would have practically zero competition and legitimacy of election will be questioned.

But one opinion appears to be especially interesting. It is an opinion of a member of the State Duma from the ruling party “United Russia” Yevgeny Fyodorov, which was revealed in the program of the Russian “Poznovatelnoie TV” (“Educational TV). Fyodorov is sure that Navalny was released as a result of the call by U.S. President Barack Obama. Moreover, in his view, the United States also guarantees Navalny the complete freedom of any actions and safety for himself and his family: “He can walk the streets of Russian cities and beat people up…. The fact is that the personal untouchebility of the blogger is backed by U.S. aircraft carriers and nuclear weapons.”

This statement of the prominent Russian Member of Parliament brought to him attention of media.

Here are some excerpts from Fyodorov’s interview with a correspondent of one of Russia’s most popular Web Sites “Did I understand you correctly that you say that U.S. State Department dominates over the President Putin?”

Fyodorov: “Over the entire Russian state…

“The function of the General Secretary of the Communist Party and Politburo, which was USSR’s entity of power, controlling the strategic management system, now have been moved abroad.  With the collapse of the Soviet Union as a result of military defeat the real power in all 15 former Soviet Republics was taken away by the occupants.

“For example, look at the former relations between Poland and Hungary and the Soviet Union. It’s the same. Formally Poland was a sovereign state, but all the strategic decisions were made in USSR. The International department of the USSR Central Committee was the real ruler in charge.  Now the U.S. State Department carries out these functions in regards to former Soviet Republics.” “So, you think Russia is not independent now?”

Fyodorov: “As well as Ukraine, Russia is a colony, of course…

“If we go back to the roots, the modern Russian state was created by American advisers. Naturally, in the occupied territory, they created everything, as it was convenient to them. It is no accident that “the President” and “the Mayor” are the non-Russian words. These names came in the train of the victorious army.” “And President Putin was appointed by Americans?”

Fyodorov: “Putin was Yeltsin’s creation. Yeltsin appointed him without coordinating with Americans.

“Putin by his character did not like to dance to the tune of Americans. He tried to fight it.  There were some attempts: such as the rebellion of Korzhakov and intelligence officers against external control systems in 1996, it was suppressed, thousands of people were laid off…

“At the beginning of the 1990s, the United States had directly controlled Russia, each State office had American advisers.

Gaidar’s government was a cover up government; they just had been signing documents sent to them by the advisers… Putin has destroyed the system.

That was the beginning of American hatred to Putin…

“Under Putin the process of the national liberation movement had begun, the colony began carefully and gently resist. Putin moved slowly. Otherwise they would get rid of him in six months…

“Putin had removed the most offensive things. For example, the slave trafficking of children.

Lenta .ru: “That’s the way you call adoption?”

Fyodorov: “American, the one who does not have the right to adopt American children (an addict or a criminal with a police record), pays money and gets a Russian child. This is pure trade…  Slave sales offices existed around the world at the time of slavery. A colony is always degraded, it is its specificity, and we are now degraded to the level of slave trade.”

Fyodorov on Russian opposition movement:

“U. S.  State Department had organized a street component as a political tool of the Gauleiter (German term for the occupied territory’s administrator. S.Ts.). Someone needs to take a harder public policy. Especially in the presence of Putin. Objective: to overthrow Putin and enter instead of him the direct control over the province. It is common practice, when a colony begins to rebel.

Clearly it was the purpose for creating of opposition. In the U.S., it is a part of the published State budget. These expenditures are named the costs of the war in Russia. In Americans’ minds it’s a conventional war in the occupied territories. They don’t hide their intentions.”

Here is some information about Evgeny Fyodorov:

He is 50 years old.

Fyodorov had graduated from Leningrad Higher Military Engineering and Construction School, specializing in military electric power engineering.

He served in the army in Afghanistan in the period 1985-1988.

Here are some of the numerous positions he had since then:

1996 – Director of Institute of Structural and Investment Policy (Moscow).

1996-1997 – Deputy Head of the Department of Insurance Supervision of the Ministry of Finance.

1997-1998 – Deputy Head of the National Defense Council.

1998 – Deputy Head of the Main Office of the Presidential Administration.

1999 – Chairman of the Russian political public movement “In Support of Independent MPs.”

1999-2001- Deputy Minister of Atomic Energy.

2008 – Chairman the Committee of Economic Policy and Entrepreneurship of the State Duma.

He has more than 40 patents for inventions.

Fyodorov’s personal Web Site starts with the statement:

“The fate of our country, the fate of the Motherland and the people we love depends on each of us. This simple truth is very well understood by the activists of National Liberation Movement, who every day take to the streets of Moscow and other cities to bring this truth to people.

“Our duty is to deliver to everyone the truth about what happened to us after 1991, the truth of the fact of the actual American occupation of our country.

“You should talk with your family and friends, your colleagues at your working places and places of study! Everyone must convince at least one person to join our fight, and then one more…”

The Fyodorov’s page at the Social Network Vkontakte (Russian analog of the Facebook) opens with the statement:

“State Duma member Yevgeny Fyodorov has one important privilege: he can tell the truth. You are unlikely to find other deputies and politicians in modern Russia, who so openly can call a spade a spade.”

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