LETTER: How come Intell’s CC article only published in its E-edition?

Found this article in the E-edition of today’s LNP. Unless I missed it, it is not posted at Lancaster Online. Suprise, Surprise!

Intelligencer Journal/Lancaster New Era

Visitors Bureau to lose share of hotel room tax, again

Funds needed to shore up Convention Center’s finances


Now you have it, now you don’t.

After three months in which the Pennsylvania Dutch Convention & Visitors Bureau was getting revenue from the county’s hotel room tax, now it enters a three-month dry spell.

That revenue has again been directed to shore up the finances of the Lancaster County Convention Center…

Updated: April 16, 2013 — 9:40 am

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  1. Another example of LNP selective sharing/reporting only what they want to, and only to those they choose to.

    This ‘news organization’ has become unreliable, untrustworthy and a disgrace to the journalism profession. Lancaster County readership and taxpayers deserve better; and only a clean sweep with a large broom will accomplish what has been needed for a LONG time.

    New ownership, new leadership, new editors, new reporters along with a new approach and ‘mission statement’ to provide us with the facts and nothing but the facts; regardless of who it may affect among the ‘power elite’..

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