Will Rick Gray’s retirement be good for Lancaster City?

Article by LNP “Lancaster Mayor Rick Gray won’t seek re-election” can be very good news for the citizenry and their children and grandchildren. Or it may not be.

Gray is a decent individual but fell sway to special interests and bad advisors when it came to real estate development and public works projects. He flipped flopped on the Convention Center, he supports the CRIZ program ear marked to enrich Penn Square Partners and others at the future expense of  our children and grandchildren, bungled the potential redevelopment of Lancaster Square East,  squandered opportunities to get ahead of the looming huge storm sewer assessments, and was a big supporter of the bird brain idea of bringing trolleys back to Lancaster… among other mistakes.

On the other hand, he is a person of  intelligence and integrity, even if in ways foolish. Is it likely that a champion of the people, in the tradition of the Steinman family of the past, will emerge for this modestly paid (by his or her alternatives) and deadend political position?

Frankly we doubt it. Stooges will be found and promoted by the same exploiters. As good as LNP is as a local newspaper, it will veer in another direction whenever its owners’ financial interests are to be served.

Past benefactors have become predators. And for the little positive impact he had,  watchdog Robert Field has aged and turned his attention in large part elsewhere.

Alas, Lancaster may actually soon have valid cause to miss Mayor Gray.



Updated: November 29, 2016 — 10:10 am


  1. I’ve lived here at my present address for 43yrs . I’ve seen this coming for awhile now, so am making arrangements to move away from this area. Taxes are too high and getting higher, it’s time to go!

  2. think he’s done quite a lot to bring back Lancaster, to bring people in to support local businesses.

  3. Time for him to go. Did not vote for him! He is too close to the people running the city finances, like the LNP and the High Corp. Always giving them tax breaks on the backs of the people

  4. Oh goody. Now Smithgall can run for the 200th time

  5. … I got no brief for Gray. He’s a bit of a friend and on some things we disagree. But I’m sorry to see him go.

    He really had the spirit of a well meaning public servant rather than a egocentric ideologue. I hope we get a successor as well meaning and intelligent.

  6. Who will PSP select as their next puppet???

    Will the new mayor focus on streets? Will the new mayor focus on poverty? Will the new mayor focus on crime and public safety? Will the new mayor focus on taxpayer relief?

    Let’s hope so!!

  7. My friend Norman Bristol is running for Mayor and I think he would do a great job. Just sharing with you all in case you hadn’t heard. Check him out.

  8. I don’t think he should retire just yet. Lancaster better than its ever been . You are not suppose to get out the car while its still moving. i don’t think its good for lancaster right now..

  9. Rick sure knows how to keep the city gov’t engine humming along. He deserves his time to rest. My hat’s off to him.

  10. Rick has done a fabulous job!!! He needs to spend time with Gail now Thank You Mr. Mayor! !!!!

  11. I Love Mayor Gray and what He has done. Please No Smithgall.

  12. Rick Gray is very clever and effective. I’m not thrilled that he rip-offs my tenants through over-priced trash service, water service, and rental property fees, but he knows that you need to get money where you can and renters are easy targets.

    It’s worth it to have a well-run city. The water run-off problem with the EPA has been handled well (a fee rather than a tax so non-profits pull their weight). He’s tried to get guns out of the hands of those who shouldn’t have them.

    We can only hope his successor is as smart as he is. I sincerely hope we pick a smart, well- qualified mayor and that the election doesn’t become a popularity contest.

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