Now that opioid crisis affects middle class, public health advocated over criminal justice

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By Tony Newman


DRUG POLICY ALLIANCE:  Trump’s speech yesterday declaring the opioid crisis a public health emergency has generated national news on the issue of overdose and opioid use in the country.

With the overdose crisis becoming a mainstream conversation, there has been a shift in the narrative. Historically, when a “drug problem” is seen as affecting primarily communities of color, as was the case during the ‘80s and ‘90s as the country grappled with crack cocaine, government intervention focuses on increased policing and criminalization. The current policy responses—now that predominantly white, suburban or rural communities are perceived as the hardest hit by overdose—invoke a distinctly public health response, a “kinder, gentler approach.”

We thought you might be interested in this coverage of the convergence of race and the overdose crisis, particularly the opioid crisis in New York, groundbreaking solutions to save lives, and the inequitable distribution of resources and access to treatment.

Please consider interviewing Kassandra Frederique, lead author on the Daily News op-ed below and organizer of the White Faces, Black Lives: Race and Reparative Justice in the Era of a “Gentler War on Drugs” conference.

Below are a few pieces featuring Kassandra’s insight.



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