MILLER: Is healthcare a right?

By Dick Miller


WE.CONNECT.DOTS:   Congress will adopt some version of Trumpcare.

Republicans control the government.  Democrats are so ineffective they can hardly be called “loyal opposition.”  President Trump now regards the media as his first enemy, not the Democrats.

Healthcare is now all about tax cuts.  Under Obamacare, the rich were targeted for higher taxes.  Now, those edicts are being cancelled and, in fact, after Trump is through, the wealthy will pay less than currently.

Unlike other civilized countries, the United States officially no longer regards health care as a right of its citizens.  The same politicians who claim babies should be born regardless of circumstances, resist paying for their health care.

If you support these politicians, then you subscribe to their goals.

Democrats help the GOP cause with ineffective opposition.  Hell, with few exceptions, Democrats do not call GOP health care for what it is.

Re-electing Schumer and Pelosi shows Democrats want to remain off the battlefield.  Some of them will continue to collect campaign checks from those businesses and individuals who are the Republican base.

Trumpcare will have features broadly interpreted as conforming with The Donald’s campaign promises.  But the accent is on tax cuts.

The destruction or reduction of one tax appears to have bi-partisan support.

Unless Democrats could come up with a financial alternative, they would be forced to support the infamous “Cadillac tax.”   That is, if they really wanted Obamacare to survive.

Obama intended to assess this tax on employers who provide the most luxurious health care plans for their workers.  As soon as unionized employers began to raise the imposition of the tax in bargaining talks, organized labor joined in opposition.

Organized labor supported adequate health care for all, so long as it didn’t cost them anything.

Full imposition of the “Cadillac tax,” scheduled for this year, was delayed.  Even Hillary Clinton preferred to defer, but didn’t offer an alternative.

Begin with the premise that many Americans – mostly Republican and mostly rich – do not believe adequate healthcare is a right.  The GOP is relying on that evolving into a majority opinion.

Healthcare is more than just “the haves” versus “the have-nots.”

In the United States, employer-funded health care is provided on the following tax basis: employees get the huge benefit tax free and employers get to deduct.  Everyone else, self-employed, small business people and workers where health care is not a benefit, pay for their care with after-tax money.

Trumpcare feathers this difference through tax credits, however they are structured so only the wealthy and insurers get significant benefit.

Conservative Republicans still oppose these credits, claiming that dependency becomes another entitlement.

Continued cancellation of government funding streams force insurers to either raise premiums or suffer losses.  That is how Obamacare is self-destructing.

Ultimately Trumpcare “may” provide sufficient tax benefits to insurers who keep premiums affordable.  No rational person believes that, but – in the meantime – such false projections blunt criticism.

The Congressional Budget Office will provide more details on finances this week, along with a projection of the number of Americans who will lose insurance under Trumpcare.  Expect The Donald to express disbelief.

Bottom Line: Trumpcare is consistent with the overall goals of the Republican Party to maintain entitlements only for their benefit.

Democrats took 15 months to fashion and adopt Obamacare.  During a short period when President Obama had the opportunity to push through Universal Healthcare, he tried to arrive at a bi-partisan compromise.

Republicans used this “reach across the aisle” to shape Obamacare to self-destruct.  At the end, they did not provide a single vote to pass Obamacare.

In the GOP world, the Federal government should not only deny adequate health care.  What about the right to vote?  What about the opportunity to earn a living wage?  What about rights of a consumer?  What about justice in the legal system?  What about fair taxation?

The Democrats have proven to be ineffective to correct these injustices.

Entitlements belong to those who pay for them.

Updated: March 12, 2017 — 8:22 pm

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  1. Here in Canada, health care is a right. Period. The Federal government finances about 80% of the cost, and our provinces raise the other 20%. The chief revenue sources are federal and provincial sales taxes, which in my province amounts to a 13% tax on most purchases and services. The lowest income earners get a portion of this tax refunded through their income tax filing. Canada delivers better health care outcomes at a lower per person cost that does the USA. Health care should be all about doctors, nurses, and treatment, never about for profit insurance companies. Period. This opinion has been brought to you by a dual US/Canadian citizen, and you’re welcome!

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