Distorted Russian Image of the West

By Slava Tsukerman

In spite of all high level attempts to “reset” relationship between Russia and the US, the anti-American and anti–West sentiments keep growing in Russia.

The Kremlin had reacted furiously to the last week legislation by American Congress of so called “Magnitsky Act”, barring those accused of rights abuses in Russia from traveling to the United States.  Here are articles in the New York Times and the Washington Post.

Russian foreign policy is not covered much by the American media, in contrast to Russian media interest in America.   American foreign policy is one of the main subjects of discussions in the mass media, including even prime time television entertainment.

Here are excerpts from the very popular animated comedy program by the State backed First Channel of Russian TV.  The animated singing characters are Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

[youtube 8_NVnag3I64]

Here is the translation of the song:

Obama:           Baby, if you wanna go to Iraq,

Or go to Iran

We’ll do it this way,

We’ll do it this way,

I’ll arrange it all,

I have an idea –

You are already there.

Clinton:           I adore Iran, as much as Iraq

Almost all of ours are already there.

Let’s go to Iran

To find there uranium,

I’m sure it is there!

Obama:           When my baby wants to have vacation

I can afford any kind of location.

But nowadays in the World

Not so many attractive places had left.

She liked tremendously Middle East.

But it is too expensive, I had my doubts,

I asked the boys in the Congress:

Have we the money?

They said: we have not, but for you we’ll get.

Clinton:           Let’s go to Iran, baby,

Let’s go to Iran!

We’ll find there uranium.

We’ll find uranium. Enriched uranium.

There are beautiful sea views over there.

Obama:           There are beautiful sea views over there.

And in Syria also there are beautiful views.

At the place were Assad used to live.

We’ll build the happy new world.

Clinton:           And Ahmadinejad will not be able to run away,

When we’ll get into Iran and find the uranium.

Obama:           What if we’ll find no nukes in Iran

as we had found no nukes in Iraq?

What the people say in this case:

What had you done Barack?

Clinton:           Listen, Barack, Iran is not Iraq.

I’m sure they enrich uranium in Iran.

And you Barack, hadn’t start yet to pack,

Go and pack, it’s time to go!

Obama:           I’m not packed yet…

Clinton:           Pack, you chicken!

To show the extent of the anti-West sentiments, I’d like to quote one more source.

Dmitri Smirnov is an official representative of Russian Orthodox Church for contacts with the army and law enforcers.  In a speech last week, he made an attempt to prove that Russia is the last bastion of morality in the World.

Dmitri Smirnov

He said:

“In Sweden, for example, 90 percent of people don’t even bury their parents, but simply burn them as trash, and the heat, that is released from the burning of corpses, is used for heating their homes. Or public places.  Over there more than 50% of people even do not take the ashes of their parents to bury. For them their parents are just trash.  There is no relationship between parents and children. And for us, for the Russians, a graveyard still is a very important place.”

Updated: December 18, 2012 — 12:54 pm
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