China seeks to silence dissent overseas

WASHINGTON POST:  Four years ago, shortly after Indonesian followers of China’s banned Falun Gong movement set up a radio station here, Beijing’s embassy in Jakarta sent a stern letter to Indonesia’s government.

Denouncing what it called an “evil cult” and a “tool for overseas anti-China forces,” the embassy urged Indonesia to pay “close attention to the matter” and “take measures” to halt the radio broadcasts so as to avoid upsetting relations with Beijing…

Today, the 51-year-old Falun Gong devotee is on trial for illegal broadcasting, the climax of a long campaign by Indonesian authorities to shut down Erabaru Radio, an unlicensed station that mixes pop music, news and fervent hostility to China’s ruling Communist Party…  (more)

EDITOR:  ‘He who pays the piper calls the tune.’  When China utilizes its trillions of dollars to purchase large shares of the U. S. economy, its influence over how advertising dollars are spent will be very great.    This is a window on what the USA will be subject to in another ten to twenty years.

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