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LETTER: Were the Lancaster Newspapers’ intentions good?

I suspect that Lancaster Newspapers’ involvement in the hotel and convention center project might have started out with good intentions.  After all, LNP has made significant investments in downtown Lancaster in the past.  But once they were legally bound to High, they found themselves being dragged along with S. Dale High’s personal ambitions. When opposition […]

PWC withdraws market studies, 2006

In a stunning development that could have substantial consequences for the proposed Mariott Hotel/Convention Center development, an email has surfaced from a senior PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC) analyst, which says that because of the drastic changes in the nature and scope of the project, the powerhouse accounting firm asked that the board’s Executive Director, David Hixson, remove all reference to PwC from its website.

PWC Market Study: No vote of confidence

Despite repeated requests by the undersigned then city councilman and other officials and concerned citizens to view the PricewaterhouseCoopers 2000 and 2002 purported “feasibility studies,” access was denied. It was alarming to learn recently that the so called “feasibility studies” were merely market studies. But, upon finally having an opportunity to review the market studies, it is shocking to discover that they are more negative than positive in their implications. Here are quotes from the studies:

Exhaustive research behind LCCCA series

The following exchange between a viewer who closely monitored the evolution of the Convention Center Project and investigative reporter Jim Sneddon both sheds light on the forces driving the project and the depth of Sneddon’s research.

The issue contended is at what point in time was the future sale of the Watt & Shand building from Penn Square Partners to Redevelopment Agency of the City of Lancaster (RACL) under consideration. (Later in the series, NewsLanc will address the propriety of the sale price.)

LCCCA Board membership for suspect period

Below are the list of Convention Center Authority Board Members during the events that NewsLanc will be describing through a series of special reports over the next few months. The plan is to publish the series every two weeks rather than once a month as originally announced.

The concern is to avoid providing so much information at one time as to make it difficult to fully read and absorb, yet not to allow so much time to pass that memories of past disclosures fade.