1. Are you serious? I mean really? So you can forgive the anti-semitic racial slurs that he was tossing out a couple years back because he’s a wonderful director? We should bow down to a man because of the movies he created, but accept that he has supposedly threatened the life of his infant daughter’s mother while throwing racial slurs at her? And we can forgive the fact that this same woman is the woman he cheated on his wife of 18 years with? I realize infidelity is a staple of Hollywood now, but it doesn’t mean it’s right.

    Roman Polanski is one of the greatest directors of our time and has created far more interesting movies then Mel Gibson has, but should we stop making a fuss over the fact that the man sexually abused a 13-year old girl and was charged with statuatory rape then fled to his home country to avoid prison time simply because he’s a wonderful director?

    I can appreciate the movies Mel Gibson put out as an actor in the Lethal Weapon series and I can appreciate some of the movies he has directed like Braveheart, but that doesn’t mean that my opinion of the *man* hasn’t changed to one of disgust over his insane, racial, threatening antics.

    Even if it turns out that these supposed threats against his ex-girlfriend turn out to be untrue, it still does not change the anti-semitic slurs that he spewed out a few years ago or the insanity he has shown since then. To even contemplate that anyone should ignore those and “be grateful he has created such interesting movies” is its own insanity.

  2. If the writer thinks that what Mel Gibson said to his wife, in what he thought was a private conversation, is normal and there should be no “fuss” about it, one wonders at the writer’s own private conversations.

    What Gibson said was not only abusive, (demeaning, threatening, condescending, ridiculing etc) but racist as well. This may be, according to the writer, the new norm.

    If this is true, and it may well be (there is a lot of other evidence), then the focus should be off Gibson and on the entire culture that makes such ugliness, hatefulness, abusiveness, and racism the new norm.

    Lets just play the conversation over and over, and really listen; but forget the particular person speaking. Do we hear ourselves in it? Other voices? How many? If the conclusion we come to is that this is indeed the new norm or becoming so, then the “fuss over Gibson” should really be simply to thank him for showing us ourselves.

    What we do with that enlightenment is an open question.

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