O’Malley’s long-shot bid gets complicated start

POLITICO: Martin O’Malley’s presidential bid has always been a long-shot, but the odds looked even longer Saturday as he officially kicked off his campaign from Federal Hill Park.
The run-up to his launch here could hardly have been worse, complicated in recent weeks by unrest in the city where he served as mayor and the unexpected early momentum of another Hillary Clinton challenger: Bernie Sanders.

At one time, O’Malley figured to be Clinton’s default rival for the Democratic nomination. He won two terms as governor of Maryland, winning by wide margins, and honed his national fundraising chops as chairman of the Democratic Governors Association. At 52, he was positioned to make the case that he represents a generational step forward. Yet it’s Sanders — a disheveled, 73-year-old socialist — who so far has captured the imagination of progressives looking for a Clinton alternative… (more)

EDITOR: He would be wise not to be too critical of Hillary Clinton but simply run on his own platform. That way he will remain a possible vice-president nominee and perhaps the Democrat presidential candidate another time around.